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WILTON RTC - Foul Play or Fauxpas?

We've all heard the the term "RINO" (Republicans In Name Only). Politics can be dirty business and one can dig up a sufficient amount of it in both Democrat and Republican Camps.

CT Congressional Candidate in District 4 Connecticut
Dr. Michael Goldstein - District 4 CT Congressional Candidate

Dr. Michael Goldstein has thrown his hat in the ring to primary Jayme Stevenson. A source reached out to us and has confirmed that there appears to be some favoritism at play and not just with the Wilton RTC. Not only have they mis-spelled his last name (Goldberg),

they've not provided any link to their home page that provides any information about Dr. Goldstein (as they've done for the other Republican candidates).

We are calling attention to this as the public has a right to know who is running and who the respective candidates are that are available to them and provide any information about that Candidate.

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