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Pronounced buy-zee-whoa, it translates from Chinese literally as “white left”. The reference to “white” is a big tip off. We would know them as far-left white liberals. The Chinese have no respect for the Baizuo class in America. We would also refer to them as the “woke” crowd. Since at least 2017, this term was coined to describe a group of Americans for which the Chinese have the most acidic contempt.

That the sound buy-zee-whoa and buy-den are similar is an interesting accident. Certainly, many members of the “Biden-Harris administration” qualify as “woke”. The Chinese recognize the baizuo for what they are: Self-loathing America haters who clearly have psychopathic tendencies. Aside from their big mouths, they are singularly weak people – whether they are leaders or followers.

Like an auto-immune reaction in the body, the Baizuo attacks itself in the misguided belief that they are “the problem” in society today. “Whiteness”, “White privilege” these are now familiar terms which are all too quickly becoming standard pedagogy in public schools. These are traced to the concept of Critical Race Theory (CRT).

This brings one to a very odd place. Finding Chinese who have contempt for a set of ideas rooted in their own communist political ideology. Perhaps the Chinese are not fond of “cultural Marxism”. Can you blame them? Cultural Marxism is intentionally designed to destroy any society in which it flourishes.

You can be assured you would find no concepts like “asia-ness” or “Asian privilege” being taught in Chinese schools. Instead, it is quite the opposite. They make it a point to cultivate a patriotic spirit through their schools the way we used to some 60 years ago.

To quote from an article by Tucker Carlson, the Baizuo “only care about topics such as immigration, minorities, LGBT, and the environment.” The Chinese government also attribute the Baizuo ideology to President Obama.

Another choice quote from the article is about the central type of hypocrisy the conservatives point out all the time: Baizuo “advocate inclusiveness and anti-discrimination but cannot tolerate different opinions.”

An important point to keep in mind is that the Chinese regard Baizuo as a particular kind of naïvete. It is the naievete like Neville Chamberlain thinking he could make peace with Hitler. It is the kind of naievete that believes the Iranian government will be our allies someday. It is the naievete expressed by Angela Merkel when she invited in Islamic immigrants from the mid-east who have ruined many parts of Germany. It is also the naievete that believes open borders with Mexico are a good and compassionate idea. It is easy to see the harm done in each case. Yet, the common thread is the Baizuo influencing events.

Liberals, aka Baizuo would have no problem pointing at the human rights violations in China and deciding their brand of Marxism has some huge blind spots as well. The only difference is that the Chinese are not trying use concepts like “woke” to manipulate the public. No, they waste no time to go out to kill and plunder.

Is there a “cultural norms” argument hiding in here somewhere? Marxism for thee, but not for me? Leftists in this country certain do not seem to be impressed by the claims against them. Then again, isn’t that one of the attributes of hypocrisy?

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