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Blumenthal Complicit in 1984 Illegal Property Seizure

In the last five years, the pace of illegal property seizures in Connecticut has been steadily accelerating. With communists modifying land use to higher population density per acre, one former Democrat is sharing a true story on her illegally seized home.

Provided here is an abbreviated timeline; Susan Maloney, defendant, has the documentation that stands in a court of law. Her home at 60 Park Place, Meriden, was illegally seized in 1984, and illegally sold the following year. While Susan lost the home, her goal is to let the public know that while Blumenthal was elsewhere when the home was taken, in the early 1990s, then-attorney general Dick Blumenthal was actively helping to cover the crime.

Incredibly, the case continues to this day.

Dick Blumenthal, circa 1983

Two simple tasks needed to be completed in order for Susan's home to be sold lawfully. First, the title needed to be cleared, in a court of proper jurisdiction; second, a proper return by the sheriff. Neither has ever taken place. The problems trace back to 1982.

1982 -- Title to 60 Park Place in Meriden was in dispute. This was beyond scope of probate court; probate stated they do not hold jurisdiction, and the title must go before a court of competent jurisdiction.

1983 -- Temporary injunction signed on Dec 1, 1983. Injunction was not dissolved, but ignored. The scheduled hearing never took place : since judge Ramsey found himself caught in web of lawyer lies, he declares that no hearing will be held.

1984 -- Jan 4: Sheriff Joe Salafia removed Susan Maloney from her home illegally and failed to do a proper return to the court. Lawyers would later falsely claim Susan left of her own volition.

1985 -- Maloney's home at 60 Park Place in Meriden was illegally sold to Lawrence J. and Mary S. Cannon, without first clearing aforementioned title. The Cannons knew about the fraud. Land records in Meriden show no warranty deed, and the price was $0. The Cannons live there to this day.

1986 -- Attorney Terence Zemetis states in writing on behalf of Sheriff Salafia, "I must clear the title now!" -- nearly 2 years after the home was illegally seized anyway.

1987 -- July 2: Back in court, Susan Maloney is held in contempt of court, wrongfully charged at a fee of $100 per day. A fake transcript is finally produced for the hearing that never took place back in 1983.

1989 -- appeals process started.

1992 -- Petition for Writ of Certiorari to the US Court of Appeals for the 2nd circuit in New York. Attorney General Richard Blumenthal knew about Susan's case, and instead of investigating, chose to represent the (at the time, Sheriff), Joe Salafia via assistant attorney general Stephen Sarnoski. Sarnoski would later apologize to Susan, in discovering the crime.

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