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Skirmishes with national implications have been breaking out in parts of Connecticut.  This article looks at recent events in Bridgeport, Stamford, and Greenwich.  Each teaches a different lesson.  But will anyone listen and learn.

Let’s start with Bridgeport. All eyes were on the special election on March 5.  Following the absentee ballot scandal, one would expect the Bridgeport Democrats to be on their best behavior.  No way.  Mario Testa has proven that democrat machine politics are alive and well in America today.  While serving up pizzas at his restaurant, he continued to plot and plan for his democrat minions to get out the vote and twist whatever arms they had to in order to get Ganim over the finish line.  So, while he is asking a customer if he would like extra sauce, he was also putting in the call to folks like Gov. Lamont, Senator Blumenthal and Senator Murphy to get their dark blue butts down to Bridgeport in order to wow the local democrats and stimulate more of them to come out and vote in the special election.  Guess what?  It worked like a charm.

Mario Testa & Joe Ganim |Creator: Brian A. Pounds | Credit: Hearst Connecticut Media Copyright: Connecticut Post

The remarkable thing about this article is it’s function as an open letter to Mario Testa to stop being a caveman about Bridgeport politics.  Communicate like a professional.  Show concern for others in the party.  Start acting like you are in the 21st century.  OK, but WHO won the election?  That would be Mario.  So, why are the state democrats trying to lecture him?  They will say it is for all the aforementioned reasons.  But there might be some other explanations as well.

Now, let’s look at the Stamford Democrats.  For all intents and purposes, this was a contest of pure political muscle:  Of the challengers (more moderate) against the incumbents (more leftist). Like it or not, the leftists won big time.  That incumbency had something to do with those victories is a definite possibility which should be examined.

Nina Sherwood - D-8 Stamford Board Of Rep.

Such as she is, Nina Sherwood has functioned as a “reform” democrat in Stamford.  She and a significant number of party members have grown increasingly dissatisfied with the conduct of the “insiders” constituting the Stamford Democrat Party.  Despite the build up and all the drama, the final results were virtually predictable.  Some democrats bitterly complained that other members of the party were nothing more than sheep.  However, they are sheep of a type.  The winners can pretend otherwise, but they are soulmates with Mr. John Mallozi, the former chair of the Stamford Democrat Town Committee who was convicted of over 20 counts of forging the signatures for absentee ballots.  The same Democrats who won the local primary, would also defend Mr. Mallozi.  Be proud.

The events in Greenwich are more complicated, and actually remain unresolved as of March 11.  The heart of the issue concerns official allegations over forged signatures  and illegal petitioners.  There are two districts in question:  2 and 8. Going forward, the determination has to be made.  Did certain people forge signatures and illegally circulate certain petitions.  Stay tuned.


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