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Connecticut Rising: The Pushback is Getting Stronger

This weekend produced a number of surprises. The greatest was in Prospect, CT. Billed as the Trump Patriot Freedom Rally, this group has been in operation since November every Sunday be it rain, snow, sunshine or heavy storms. Didn’t matter. They have been there.

Associated with them are a number of other groups, such as the United Patriot Front, and a group simply known as the Trump Train. These reflect the growing concern by many citizens that they need to step up or else lose this country.

Another noteworthy group out of Trumbull is fighting the mask mandates, vaccine mandates and Critical Race Theory. The other surprise is the number of groups that are around the state taking the same fight to their local boards of education. Guilford, Easton, Greenwich, Branford, Essex/Deep River are among the groups. There are probably more, and, moreover, as word spreads.

There is a clear sense of a building fight. However, this will likely be a fight based on at least two different lines of attack. The first is over the fraudulent 2020 election. Momentum is building around the country, and Connecticut is part of it. That something vast and great is rising is a dream worth dreaming.

The other fight is over Critical Race Theory & Co., and the mandates. The voices of the parent’s fighting this is getting bigger, louder and stronger. An image to consider is that the boards of education keep throwing up barriers against the parents. Usually they work. But not this time. Instead, we are seeing the barriers starting to be breached.

So, the boards will fight harder. They will have to dig deeper into their phony standard operating manuals. Their reliance on standard lies to divide and conquer the parents will fail this time. That said, it is still early in the battle. It can get ugly.

Courage v. Fear

A problem noted by one organizer is the amount of fear she has encountered when recruiting others. Steve Bannon has noted that Winston Churchill said that or all the Virtues, Courage is the first for it is the one on which all others rest. It is a message that needs to be sent out far and wide.

That said, the organizer also noted that the responses from drivers going by have been 90% positive and 10% negative. That seems unusual in a state where democrats outnumber republicans almost 2:1. It suggests that a growing number of people who are not republicans see the fraud for what it is and understand the implications.

So, dear reader, this is the middle of August. The school year will be starting soon. What happens next will depend on what the boards decide. There will be peace, or there will be war. The board members may think they can hide behind their brick walls, make arbitrary rules to shut down opposition, and use the news media to carry water for them. The organizers in these groups know this.

That many more parents will lose their fear and find courage for their children is a point to keep in mind. Another point for the boards to keep in mind is that they are bound by procedure. We are not. Very rarely do defensive positions hold under sustained assault.

There are still a few weeks to go before this phase of the fighting will become clear. After that, expect a shift to even greater politicization in the current batch of board of education elections. They will serve as flash points for a much bigger fight. Count on it.

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