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There is a shared sense that the Russian invasion of Ukraine is the product of a 20 year run up of Western elites following a wrong-headed policy that created ever more tensions between Ukraine and Russia. While doing that, for reasons that still remain mysterious, Ukraine has become the global money laundering ATM for the Western elites.

Why would a country that straddles both the security interests of Russia and Western Europe become such a tool of corruption? There are many countries devoid of such geopolitical significance which would be perfectly suitable for money laundering. Nigeria, Mexico, Brazil, and Indonesia are just a few examples. Cynics might ask: How do you know the Western elites aren’t already there?

The term “Western elites” obscures the many rogue actors in the “Deep State”. There does not appear to be any one controlling authority that defines the “Western Elites”. We think of them as if they were, but we cannot name anyone who would be able to rein in a lot of rich and powerful people with their own agendas. The notion that the son of Nancy Pelosi would work with the son of Senator Romney on deals in Ukraine does seem far-fetched. Yet they were both there.

A blogger named Don Surber pointed out comments by Putin in a recent speech:

‘ "I want ordinary citizens of Western countries to hear me too: they are now persistently trying to convince you that all your difficulties are the result of some hostile actions of Russia, that you have to pay for the fight against the mythical Russian threat from your own wallet. All this is a lie.

"And the truth is that the current problems faced by millions of people in the West are the result of many years of actions by the ruling elites of their states, their mistakes, myopia and ambitions. These elites are not thinking about how to improve the lives of their citizens in Western countries. They are obsessed with their own vested interests and super profits.

"Evidence of this is the data of international organizations, which directly say that social problems, even in leading Western countries, have only worsened in recent years, that inequality is growing, the gap between rich and poor, racial and national conflicts are making themselves felt."

Putin is using the left's own arguments against the left.’

Foreign leaders have done this before. For example, just before the invasion of Iraq, Saddam Hussein read a speech which could have been lifted from the Democrat’s talking points opposing the invasion. All that did was suggest the Democrats were on Hussein’s side.

However, Putin’s echoing the points about the Western elites bounces off what a lot of American conservatives believe. Yes, it resonates. “They” have lied to us through the government and major corporations about so many different things. The virus, the PCR tests, the “vaccines”, the data, as well as the economy, what is happening in China, and now in Ukraine. It is quite obvious a game is being played. Many know it is happening, but no one has been able to pierce the veil and find their real plans, their real motivations, for deceiving the whole world.

Does Ukraine figure prominently in the secret plans of the Western elites? Or is it just another distraction? Some commentators have started to suggest the events in Ukraine are the product of a backroom deal between the U.S. and Russia. It stands to reason that if Russia had done a real blitzkrieg and quickly took over Ukraine, the global repercussions for Russia would have been far greater than the current approach.

Moreover, despite appearances, another argument is that America and Russia could suddenly find themselves allied against China. Russia and China have been at war, and in near-wars, with each other in the past. Siberia was part of China in the mid-1800s. Who knew?

Put another way, the cardboard cut outs of Zelensky – good guy, and Putin – bad guy, simply do not work when one constructs an adequate history. Consider, for example, that in 1991, Ukraine helped to form the CIS, a Russian replacement for the former soviet-bloc countries, but they refused to join. So, one can appreciate the long running tension between Ukraine and Russia. There are additional historical arguments about the geography of Ukraine over the last hundred years. A book titled “Bloodlands” details the history between Stalin and Hitler in that area. In fact, that eastern European region has been the place for numerous wars over the last 500 years. Going back even farther, you can include the wars with Muslims as well.

The Orange Revolution was a case of Western involvement. Then there is the phone call of Victoria Neuland, of our State Department, discussing who to select for Ukraine’s president. These events only scratch the surface. The greedy and corrupt Westerners who used Ukraine for money laundering would have had to do the necessary things to secure their “investments”.

So, when the regional history is properly considered and fully revealed, the question is asked again: Did Putin Invade Ukraine or Did the Western Elites?

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