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The striking commonality of the restrictive pandemic measures imposed around the world has led to an important conjecture. Nations are cooperating like they never have before. However, this cooperation is politically driven. The data on the “covid virus” shows fewer cases, fewer hospitalizations, and fewer deaths. Yet the level of the restrictions have remained the same. Consider the worst cases: America, France, Germany, Austria, Australia, Italy, and Canada - and don’t forget Communist China. Despite a few changes in Germany and Austria, they remain a part of this group.

Using the World Economic Forum as a point of departure, their members have shown a greater level of cooperation than in the recent past. This has created the impression of the whole world becoming tyrannical. The suggestion is that this new level of cooperation among the elites is why all these bad things are happening. Can they keep it up? Maybe not.

Canada is a curious case study for this argument about the WEF and the concept of a ruling elite. Klaus Schwab has proudly identified Justin Trudeau and others as graduates of his WEF leadership program. Further research has shown there is a shockingly long list of people in different positions of the Canadian government who are also graduates.

This serves as a backdrop to the current protest in Canada. The government has been particularly intransigent over fighting with the truckers. The short version is that Trudeau continues to make both tactical and strategic errors that hurt the elites around the world.

The tenuous nature of this cooperation among the elites is found in the differing ways they are dropping or modifying their restrictions. Britain was the first, then others followed: Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. America’s case is more complicated. Even though the federal government is being stubborn, the blue states have finally started to roll back restrictions in various ways and not without some measure of deceit directed against their populations.

Take Connecticut. In a straight, party-line vote, the democrats in the state house of representatives decided to end emergency powers for Gov. Lamont, but extend them to local authorities until June 30, 2022. The state senate still has to vote on this. The same party line results are expected. However, people in Connecticut should not be surprised if some other wrinkles are thrown into the mix. Special conditions, contingencies and requirements could easily be added at the last minute. Meanwhile, Gov. Lamont gets to lean back and say “Not me. I’m not responsible.” So, what could be the case in New Jersey, or Delaware? Blue states are not to be trusted.

So, taken in its totality, the elites have new conflicts to resolve. However, more than that, the way “the people” are coming together in different countries, there are important questions to be asked about the role of these elites will be affected for the future. If these events continue to trend the way they are, the elites could end up in a worse position than before the pandemic. Those who closely watch the elites suggest they will push back even harder against these events and people around the world.

The campfire will go out. It will be reduced to ashes. The elites will have to break camp and decide where they go next. Are they going to hide in their bunkers, or will new leadership emerge which forms a more sensible relationship with the people around the world.




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