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The irrational behavior of the Food and Drug Administration, the utter and ongoing violation of the spirit of their mission to protect the public from harm can only be understood by one conclusion: They want you dead.

There is no other rational explanation for a supposed health care agency that continues to deny and obfuscate cheaper, safe, and more effective drugs for treating covid-19 than the vaccines. There is a clear prejudice in favor of the vaccines. These vaccines have already killed over 20,000 people globally (There is a pending lawsuit in Los Angeles claiming 45,000 deaths in America alone with a few days of the introduction in America), as well as causing long term and permanent debilitating damage to hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people around the world. Is the FDA being inconsistent while killing people? Yes.

Consider this point first. The FDA’s complaint about ivermectin for treating covid-19 is that more testing is needed. Yet, the case can be made that the covid vaccines have been tested far less than ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine. These two drugs have been on the market for DECADES. Market experience with the vaccines is not even a year old.

In the case of hydroxychloroquine, there are over 70 clinical studies about its impact on covid-19. Some 50 of the studies showed that it works. It has to be administered correctly. Yet the FDA continues to deny this information.

The case can also be made that the vaccines have killed more people in less than a year than the drugs have in over 40 years. The WHO, the FDA and others report out on the safety of these drugs, and how well they are tolerated for long term use. Yet the FDA continues to block these drugs.

Why, FDA, Why?

Dr. Bret Weinstein, of the Dark Horse podcast, conjectured recently that the irrational rulings over ivermectin probably have something to do with the risks of liability associated with the FDA’s emergency use authorization. Issuing this authorization for the vaccines requires there be no other alternative. Wow. Lying all the way to the edge of the abyss, the FDA is doing all it can to cover for the vaccine manufacturers.

The FDA has endlessly zigged and zagged all over the regulatory landscape in an effort to suppress every single alternative to the vaccines. Favoritism only begins to describe the odd and one-sided behavior of the FDA.

The reason the FDA keeps stepping on its own feet time and again is their stubborn adherence to a twisted narrative tripped up by the facts on the ground. The media and the tech giants have done their best to call these facts “disinformation”. The public knows better. The FDA/CDC/NIH – Media – Tech Giants axis of powers has already shown their bias. It is the facts that are stubborn. The facts continue to survive censorship, mischaracterization, and outright lying by the axis. They are only slowing down the inevitable awakening of America.

About those facts on the ground, there is a fundamental problem. Reports from clinicians strongly indicate that protocols for hydrodroxychloroquine and ivermectin simply work. Yet the FDA and others keep demanding more and more testing. They want the gold standard, double blind cross over placebo. Fine, but without the benefit of such clinical trials, clinicians are achieving success with these drugs.

Moreover, the FDA will not give the same emergency use authorization to these drugs as they already have the vaccines. This is in spite of the far greater evidence showing the drugs are superior to the vaccines for treating covid-19. This is further evidence of bias.

BreakThrough Infections?

It is a strange term: Breakthrough infection. The idea is that some get covid-19 in spite of being vaccinated. Breakthrough is supposed to refer to a wall of protection provided by the vaccines. Others use the term “escape” or “escape variants” as concepts to describe a similar problem. There is a bigger problem though. This means, for those people, the vaccines failed. Lord Fauci has tried to downplay it by suggesting people who get breakthrough infections experience milder symptoms. Really? We would like to see the evidence.

How The FDA Sleeps

On a related point, the FDA seems to have weak spot when it comes to vaccines. At the height of the fight about vaccines causing autism, parent’s groups pressured the Office of Vaccine Safety to take an accounting of how much mercury was collectively in all the mandated vaccines. Monitoring mercury levels happens to also be the job of the Environmental Protection Agency. Put simply, it was discovered that the FDA Office of “Vaccine Safety” allowed twice as much mercury as the EPA did for ambient exposure in the soil, air and water. How could that possibly be safe? The short answer is that it cannot. If you are starting to think FDA officials don’t care whether you live or die, you heading towards the truth.

This historical example illustrates the mindset of the FDA now operating with respect to the covid vaccines. Put simply: Problem? What problem? There is still no evidence that the FDA is going to wake up and realize they serve the public interest rather than drug companies.

Poised to Kill: Pending FDA Approval of the Vaccines

A storm is brewing on the horizon. Periodically , the public is reminded the FDA is about to give full market approval for the vaccines in September. The mystery is over how they can do this without real clinical trials beyond the paltry few studies used to grant emergency use authorization. If anything, the FDA has to be stopped from taking this move.

This is a foot race between the growing body of negative information about the vaccines and the FDA decision to approve. Such approval will trigger mandatory vaccinations, and the real fight begins. The FDA has to carefully weight the blow back that will result from their decision. The use of these vaccines is not straightforward. If it turns out that the lawsuit in Los Angeles reveals that many more Americans have died than reported by the FDA, there will be hell to pay.

An agency cannot keep on ignoring the facts. That is not how they are supposed to function. However, it is true. The FDA has been getting away with this behavior for a very long time. Getting the FDA to follow the science in ALL cases is long overdue.

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