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GREENWICH BOARD OF EDUCATION: Where There's Smoke, There's Fire.

Dear Reader, the intensifying confrontation that is still developing between parents and the Greenwich Board of Education will require a series of articles over the coming days. First out of the box is the events of Thursday, September 23, 2021. A few speakers are described here. More will follow.

That evening demonstrated that the astonishing and inhumane disregard the Greenwich Board of Education continues to show for the parents of Greenwich and their children was on full display. The first speaker, Jackie Homan, made it clear that the board members have clearly not done their homework with respect to the science on masks and the vaccines. She also emphasized the ongoing disregard for parent’s concerns about clearly pornographic material being used even in second grade curricula. Critics have long talked about the sexualization of minors by so-called progressives in education. It seems they are right.

True to spirit, the so-called time keeper could not stop shouting at Jackie to stop at the 3 minute mark. She would have done well to adopt the attitude of other mothers around the country who refuse to take crap from these official cretins who are propagandizing their children.

The second speaker, Mariana Begonia, gave a much more complex and nuanced presentation. She touched on how her life is being negatively impacted, as well as her friends. She became very upset over the fact that people had to pay $200 to take each covid test rather than get vaccinated. All the time, she remained polite, thought she was emotional.

But she also delivered a damning allegation that their conduct is driven not by policy, or any sincere beliefs, but instead to simply make money from each person: “It is why you have ignored the data for the last year and a half….”

Another speaker, Carl Higbie, delivered a very strong message summarized in “You work for us.” His greater concern was consistent application of the mask standard for both teachers and students. It would appear he is striking at the heart of the hypocrisy of the school policy. It remains to be seen if anyone on the board ever responds to his point.

Gail Lordson made a clear presentation on both matters of science and law. Most interesting were her comments referencing regulations from the Federal Trade Commission. In effect, the board bears liability for making policy which is deceitful in nature. “Misrepresenting the use of a mask as infection prevention or reduction is a deceptive practice under the Federal Trade Commission. There is no waiver of liability under deceptive practices even in a state of emergency.” That’s what she said. Let the lawsuits rain down.

Metaphorically, this evening brought the heat. The board’s continued cold-hearted conduct will earn them the smoke at the next encounter. After that, as they continue to enrage ever more parents, then will come the fire. The temperature of this fire will be measured by the amount of media coverage, the spill over onto social media, and ever greater variety of protests. Parents will find more ways to pressure the board members. Somewhere, someway, the board will have to break. A group of “government officials” cannot continue to be this out of touch with the public and continue to serve the public. Whether by resignation or replacement, common sense will have to be returned somehow to the Greenwich board of education.

In the next article, there will be more speakers comments reviewed and analyzed. At the point, the only thing to say is that there is much more to come.


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