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The typical portrayal of colleges as higher education is instead the image of an assembly line where innocent kids go in and angry protesters come out.  However, there is another angle to consider.  Whether by accident or design, colleges indoctrinate kids to be Marxists.  One would thing this produces rigid-minded people.  However true that may be, Marxist indoctrination nurtures yet another trait:  fear.   Afraid of critical thinking, students become afraid of questioning some ideas, afraid of authority, afraid.  

None of this takes away from the en-culturing of Marxist anger as well.  The oppressor-oppressed model is all purpose.  It fits all forms of social interaction from work to relationships and inspires a bad attitude in a lot of college age students who go on to join groups like Black Lives Matter.  The entirely irrational state of mind of people drawn to these organizations can be understand in terms of the many videos showing what it is like to try and reason with such people.

If we accept this as the emotional foundation, then we can see how anger is just a cover for a deeper underlying fear.  But it is a peculiar kind of anger.  It shuts down any discussion with someone who disagrees.  By looking at BLM types in various videos, one can see that they refuse to discuss anything.

The type of indoctrination they received in college shut down any effort to THINK.  This was so anxiety-provoking, so distressing, that they became confused, did not know how to react and just decided anger saves you from embarrassment.

The underlying argument that indoctrination creates a fear filled mind is odd.  You should believe what you have been taught as being absolutely true.


The implication of Marxist indoctrination is that it makes you less capable as a contributing member of society.


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