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The main point of this article is that there are three groups in this nation that have a high probability of coalescing this summer into a very destructive force:  Students, drug cartels and the Chinese military plants who have infiltrated this nation.   Some members of law enforcement have issued public warnings about increased violence this year.  However, it is fair to say they have not thought this through.   They really need to answer a fundamental question:  How much planning and coordination will have gone into these possible acts of violence?  Telling people to stay away from malls for all the obvious reasons solves only part of the problem.

A George Floyd style event would be all that is needed to light the fire.  It would also be worse than the summer of 2020.  The prospects for this have not been discussed much at all in the media.  For some, the idea is a little  too “out there.”  Students taking over streets is very likely.  What we are missing is who  will likely help plan and support these protests.  We forget the reports of some mysterious trucks dumping off whole pallets of bricks for protesters.  Expect that and worse.

Call this wild conjecture.  Call it whatever you want, it is not without basis.  This conjecture brings together three well known facts.  We have already seen mob violence in the form of breaking into stores and stealing what is on the shelves.  We also forget the numerous reports of the teen street gangs taking over whole streets by the hundreds.  This has been a problem in Connecticut.  The state police believe they finally go it under control.  That remains to be seen.  It also becomes a model for organizers to sow even more chaos this summer.  

We have left out another group of players.  It ain’t over when it comes to pro-Palestinian protesters getting out in the street.  Places Harvard, Yale and Columbia have already seen substantial groups.  They may have their own agenda.  But that does not preclude them for forming alliances with the groups mentioned above.  Whatever gives them more clout and influence, regardless of the level of violence, is just fine with them.  

Of course the bleeding heart communists in this state will wring their hands.  The kids are innocent, they  are disadvantaged, the cops are being a bunch of racists.  All diversion for their fellow travelers, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) in America.  So, this is the part that stretches a little bit.  The interactions between these street mobs and the PLA would be mediated by the drug cartel hires, the Falcons.  Seen any Chinese Falcons lately?  You won’t.

Since I am busy conjecturing, let’s take this one step further.  Anybody for a Blitzkrieg?  The secret of the Nazi Blitzkrieg was drugs. Amphetamines kept German soldiers at an intense level of performance for days at a time  - enough to get the job done.  Let’s consider the improbable but not impossible.  With intelligence and planning provided by the PLA, the drug cartel Falcons (think of them as platoon leaders) pull together enough people to mount a phony protest that escalates into street violence.  Through the magic of social media  and cell phones, the Falcons call out even more people (illegals) to hit the  streets.  Their instructions are to destroy.  Destroy all the things that those Horrible Americans possess.  That’s right, high on drugs, uncontrollable, destructive…it’s an easy simulation to run out to it’s ugly conclusion.

Thugs and gangs are missing from this picture, but they would figure in somewhere.  Just give it time and continued “control” by Soros elected district attorneys.  The best that can be said here is that this “conjecture” is also a warning.  Mere observation reveals how easily these groups can come together.  We have this little thing called a presidential election in the next few months.  There are a whole bunch of  people who will do ANYTHING to stop him.  You know who I am talking about.

The closing comment is that this speculative piece is but one line of thought.  There are many other possibilities to consider.  Who would have anticipated the destruction of the Francis Scott Key bridge?  Some commentators have gathered up all the suspicious accidents of the last couple years, from destruction of food processing plants, to huge chicken farms and oil refineries.  Is there a connection? A pattern?  Is there some mastermind?  Whatever the answer, it is up to Americans to be watchful and ready to act.


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