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The point has been made repeatedly by historians.  The Nazis did it.  The Communists did it.  Anyone driven to tyrannical power has done it.  They have destroyed the rule of law to fit their own ends.  America has endured the same insatiable desire for tyranny in our legal system for quite some time.


Victor Davis Hanson did  an American Thinker piece reviewing all the different ways in which liberals continue to destroy our legal system for their own selfish purposes.  He was merely picking up on the long list of names we have seen in the news.  Names include, but are not lim ited  to Alvin Bragg, Letiticia James, Jack Smith, Fanni Willis and Nathan Wade.  Include Judge Engoron too.  What they all have in common is a heavy reliance on lies;   Lies about the content of phone transcripts, lies about what Donald Trump actually said, lies about Fanni’s own life.


Criticisms about the political double standard in America’s legal system have been going on for at least the  last 15-20 years.  Where we can say it really  started is hard to establish.  Though some observers suggests that Bill Clinton set the  stage for subsequent Democrat administrations.  Something that was  a violation of precedent was when Bill Clinton became president, he immediately got rid of all the District Attorneys of the previous administration.  It would later become clear why he took drastic actions.  At some point, Clinton’s administration was caught up in 39 different scandals.  Cover up requires having complete control of the district attorneys.  It worked.

The assault on our legal system has only gotten worse since then.  A lot more noise, a lot more research and a lot more reporting is required if we are to even have a hope.




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