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Thank you to everyone for coming out to support the St. Patrick’s Day Parade yesterday in Greenwich!

What an amazing parade, and a really fun experience marching down Greenwich Avenue. Especially to all those shouts for FREEDOM!

We thought it was interesting to see Greenwich Superintendent Toni Jones standing in a truck with the President of the Greenwich Education Association (GEA), which is the teacher’s union. The truck proudly displayed a union banner on the side. We wondered why the Superintendent would not ride in a truck with the PTA to show alignment with parents? Instead of alignment with the union?

You might recall that Lilian Perrone had previously organized a march from Greenwich High School to Central Middle School in October because the union felt teachers were under attack by parents. As you know, parents were upset about the inappropriate materials in the curriculum, among other issues.

Parents continue to direct complaints to the Board of Education and Superintendent, not to teachers as Perrone alleged. The Board and Jones hold ultimate accountability for creating an environment that allows unapproved materials to be used in the classroom. Yet they do not appear to be taking steps to remedy the situation, despite parents repeatedly speaking out at board meetings.

Of course this impacts everyone in Greenwich, whether you have children in the public schools or not. The quality of our schools directly impacts the value of homes.

Which reminds us… if you have not taken our survey on Greenwich Public Schools Leadership, now would be a great time. Please share with your friends, family and neighbors — the more feedback the better.

Thanks for your supp

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