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If I Was Toni Jones

Dr. Toni Jones, Superintendent of the Greenwich Public School system. Though it may not be said explicitly, crisis management is a part of her job description. Right now, she has a crisis on her hands. So, though I am not one of her fans, I would like to give her some free advice by imagining if I was Toni Jones.

Be a Pain

Be offended, be constantly offended. Show no tolerance for your accusers. Pound the table. Make your “Let me perfectly clear” statements over and over again. Of course you love education, and want to protect your Marxist teacher’s union from all manner of accusation. So, get in their faces. Be outraged. Threats are good. You can use those too. Threaten the press, threaten the parents, threaten the students, threaten your own people. You must create a climate of fear and distrust in your own school system. Stalin knew what he was doing; copy it.

Belittling Project Veritas for describing what they do as a “stunt” or “tactic” is a good way to put them in their place. After all, the FBI was not humored by whatever it is Project Veritas really did with Ashley Biden’s diary.

You need to appoint an assistant with the sole task of tracking any and all public comments about these pending lawsuits. You must be merciless. Whatever social media pipsqueak pipes up with some comment, squash them like the little bugs that they are.

Deny, Deny, Deny

This is an amazingly effective technique. It is a kissing cousin to “tell a lie enough times, and they will believe it.” Plus, “Tell a bigger lie, the more they will believe it.” You might want to check with the FBI for some tips.

Constant denial has a corrosive effect on people’s minds. What if all that emotion and grief in you sounds justified? What if your sense of outrage begins to take on the ring of truth? Once you sense the emotional tide shifting, then it is time for “skeptical thinking”.

Skeptical Thinking on Steroids

The press has wasted no time with words of doubt: Allegedly, apparently, and seemingly. That gives you a great start for employing the tools of skeptical thinking. Tell your accusers they don’t know what they are talking about. Emphasize how little they really know.

Milk the “out of context” claim for all it is worth. If Project Veritas is not going to release the raw video, then there is always doubt you can exploit with clever questions.

The suggestion that Mr. Borland broke at least two federal laws by declaring he refuses to hire Catholics or anyone over the age of 30 should not be allowed to stand. Of course, you need to attack Project Veritas failing to release all the video. “Sources and methods”? Seriously, what are you really hiding Project Veritas.

Don’t Believe Your Lying Eyes

Anyone who attacks Mr. Borland clearly has more than just a screw loose. There is something wrong with them mentally. So, tell the world. The video has Mr. Borland all wrong. He has worked long and hard in the trenches of the public school system. Devoted public servant that he is, no one should be misled by that Project Veritas video. Just remember what Groucho Marx said when his wife discovered him with another woman “Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?”

Remember to Consult Your Psy-Ops Manual

The unknowing public, and that includes a ton of parents in the Greenwich Public School(GPS) system, have no clue about the different ways you are manipulating them. A few do. More should. That said, you still need to reach deep into your bag of tricks if you are to save Mr. Borland from jail, as well as other members of the propaganda brigade known as the GPS.

Being a far-left liberal, I am sure you might act queasy at the thought of “Psy-Ops”. Get over it. Your ilk use it all the time, and they are always coming up with new and better ways. Somewhere there is that one word, that one concept, that one magical turn of phrase which will turn the tide of battle in your favor. Get busy, and go find it.

Should You Think About Retiring - Now?

It is still early in this fight. You have lived a life of having school systems sued all the time. But maybe this one will be different. Maybe this one will put you in a spot from which you cannot escape. Maybe it is time to retire – now. Remember that other old saying: “Go while the getting is good.” That window is closing fast.

Yes, you would have put up the good fight. You fought back by being a pain, by denying all the time, putting sophistry to the test with your twisted version of skeptical thinking, and even calling into question what every else can see with their own eyes, and hear with their own ears.

I would not be surprised to find the same kinds of advice in your carefully hidden “Minnesota Manual” for school superintendents. That said, at the end of the day, you will be found out. You will have only dug yourself an ever deeper hole which may suffice as your prison of your own making.

The other old saying is the truth will out. The funny thing is that some truths have already been revealed. However, you and your ilk have managed to duck, dodge and deny the complaints and criticisms of parents who saw through your ruses. Now that becomes a whole lot harder, so you are just going to have to try that much harder to avoid conviction. That’s what I would do if I was Toni Jones.

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