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Joe Biden’s Drug Cartel Bureaucracy

Bracelets. The drug cartels are so overwhelmed by the number of people they are bringing across the border, they now have to create their own immigration bureaucracy. The key tool for managing this bureaucracy is bracelets; cheap little plastic bracelets on which is printed the status of the person wearing it. This link from tells the story in several video clips from Univision. It is sickening. It is disturbing. There is no way to watch these videos and not be emotionally affected by what you see.

Bracelets. The videos show how these bracelets are used to manage and organize the movement of illegals across the border. As soon as they make it, they rip off the bracelets and litter the ground with them. The Border Patrol has picked up hundreds of them and they are still collecting them. That this is a new development should tell the reader a lot. It speaks to the nearly unmanageable number of people crossing. It speaks to the fact they are making so much money, they have to start acting like their own de facto government by setting up a bureaucracy for keeping tracking of who, how much money, level of debt and God knows what else.

If not already, I am sure the U.S. Immigration Service would like to have that information too. It’s what bureaucracies do. It is only a matter of time by which the world learns that the drug cartels and the U.S. government are sharing information on the illegals. Indirectly, that information is already being collected by the Border Patrol. It is one small step to cooperation from there.

Bracelets. These are for some the bracelets of death. As told in the videos, if some things don’t square with the drug cartels, they kill the persons in question. The people supposed to help them, instead kill them. They keep the money and kill the person. That is usually robbery, and it is where faux-President Joe Biden could not be more blind or more cognitively impaired.

The Holocaust from World War II was a bureaucracy. The logistics of killing millions of people required a formal, hierarchical government agency. Now, we are seeing the emergence of a bureaucracy in the drug cartels that is similar in spirit to the Holocaust. OK, not as many people are being killed, but they are being killed, raped, and tortured as needed by the drug cartels.

Worse, the videos also reveal that the “coyote” guides bringing them, have no trouble lying to the victims as well. They claim the passage will be easy when they know it will be very hard; especially since many are bringing children. Moreover, those with children are given preference for being taken to the border. That explains why there are so many. The drug cartels are picking out those with children and sending them first. This is a crisis equally manufactured by the drug cartels themselves. But it gets worse.

Bracelets. The Key Crime – Just to show the drug cartels are more enlightened than the Nazis, there is another part to this illegal immigration story. The drug cartels are reportedly loaning up to 50% of the money needed to get to America. These people become, in effect, employees of the drug cartel who work off their debt wherever they end up. That means the drug cartels are able to track these individuals to their ultimate destinations and places of employment. OR, to receive some portion of the welfare assistance money they will be receiving. Taxpayer dollars proliferating crime in America.

Put simply, the Biden regime is aiding and abetting the proliferation of crime in America through child trafficking and slavery. It is right there in front of you. All you have to do is look at it.

So, dear reader, what are you going to do about it? What will any of us do about it? You can start with letters to your congress crooks. But there are unanswered questions about how they are benefitting. Worse, they would deny the obvious that you can see in those videos.

Talk to your friends, talk to your neighbors. Somewhere, somehow, the public has to rise up and forcefully push back against the Biden regime. Stay tuned.



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