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Mon(k)eypox and the Elitist Push to Normalize Bioterrorism

By now the world has heard of monkeypox -- and plenty of memes among the awakened masses have rightly poked fun at this latest cry of "Wolf!" from the WEF (World Economic Forum for those who didn't know). Monkeypox is a relative of smallpox, and largely has been touted as a venereal disease that isn't even airborne.

Confined to regions of Africa, now it's supposedly escaped and once again, the elitist-backed corporate media is beginning to wring their collective hands and wag their tongues with fear-dripping drivel. Slowly, the Fear Dial is being turned to "Moderately Anxious"....most of the awake masses are predicting masks and mandates -- in spite of the fact NONE of these tactics worked. At ALL.

Bioterrorism law isn't the only agenda on the plate, but it's certainly fitting in nicely with the Narrative and Bill Gates' latest and greatest book:

Normalization is a process; over the last decade, the Chinese in particular have cultivated strict policies toward illness. The Covid 19 response added legitimacy to Chinese lockdown and masking measures. With monkeypox, global elites hope to do more of the same, adopting Chinese "Zero Covid" goals for the globe.

Monkeypox is not even airborne; it is likely spread amongst men practicing homosexuality. Outbreaks have been contained to Africa, but now the WHO and elitist cohorts like the WEF are attempting to use a kind of loose, global biosecurity apparatchik to plow over human rights and kill off the poor.

Just seen: the NHS page (the UK's health authority) changed their page on monkeypox to sprinkle the Narrative with the psychoingredient of fear: going from sexual contact to now "touching items, coughing, sneezing" --

There's also a document produced by the Munich Security Conference; on page 7, the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) is "working with international partners:

To establish a new global biosecurity entity dedicated to reducing emerging biological risks that can accompany certain technology advances. Its mission will be to reduce the risks of catastrophic consequences due to accidents, inadvertent misuse, or deliberate abuse of bioscience and biotechnology by promoting stronger global biosecurity norms and developing tools and incentives to uphold them.

To advocate for establishing a catalytic, multilateral financing mechanism for global health security and pandemic preparedness. The goal is to accelerate sustainable biosecurity and pandemic preparedness capacity-building in countries where resources are most needed.

To further examine these issues, NTI has partnered with the Munich Security Conference (MSC) over the past three years to host annual tabletop exercises focused on reducing high-consequence biological threats. NTI and MSC have jointly convened international leaders and experts to explore gaps in the global biosecurity and pandemic preparedness architecture, and to identify opportunities to address urgent needs. This report shares the lessons of our 2021 exercise." Well that sounds like fun, doesn't it?? More here -

Normalizing bioterrorism can be combatted NOW - with simple, vocal resistance. Don't wear a mask -- never again. TELL people about Event 201 that preceded Covid 19 and now the exercises that miraculously predicted the monkeypox spread. Show them plainly that this entire apparatus is nothing but funneled funds, scariant shots, and elimination eugenics.

That "Germ Games" by Bill Gates can be won -- but only if we don't play along.


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