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Monica Lewinsky and Hunter Biden

Monica Lewinsky and Hunter Biden

By Philip C. Mead

The tired old Democrat playbook is once again dusted off and we turn to the chapter on scandals. To prove nothing has changed in the minds of Democrats, the first case is the infamous scandal over Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky in the 1990s. The second is the still emerging scandal over Hunter Biden’s laptop. The common denominator to these two historic Democrat scandals is sex. More precisely, this is about how sex is used as a tool in the ongoing propaganda wars. The stunt the MFM seeks to pull off is using sex to distract the public and render these scandals as insignificant; not worthy of the high standards of investigative journalism. It didn’t work for Clinton, and it won’t work for Biden.

The excuses defending Bill Clinton were legion. For example, the media kept defending Bill Clinton by claiming that the president is special and there is a case for making exceptions for a President; i.e., sexual peccadillos are so unimportant compared to the weighty affairs of state. But also, one must recall the extreme security built up around the subsequent testimony and how access to the transcripts was tightly controlled. God forbid that the people paying their bills should know.

The information on Hunter Biden is already out there, and has been so for over two years. The best the MFM could do is keep saying you can’t believe your lying eyes. Since that is failing more with each passing day, it is time to drag out old reliable: It’s just sex.

Clinton perjured himself, Hunter Biden will get his chance real soon. In Clinton’s case, it was about containing the damage and there they pretty much succeeded. In Hunter Biden’s case, there is just way too much damning information where numerous federal laws have been broken. Liberal judges will be working overtime to dismiss the charges in the face of obvious wrong doing. If not that, the discussion has been about diminishing the charges against Hunter Biden as much as possible.

Meantime, a similar refrain to the Monica Lewinsky scandal was sounded by David French in a similar effort to defend Hunter Biden and downplay the real crimes committed. However, Elon Musk and many others were not buying it. Proof that a conservative media is beginning to assert itself can be found in the comments that ridicule David French. The same would not have happened in Clinton’s day. French wants us to believe the issue with Twitter was about the deletion of pornographic images. Thankfully, no one with even half a brain is buying it. The comments in the link should make that clear. Don’t worry, the Democrats will keep trying anything that they think will stick to the wall, no matter how much it stinks.

The desperation will become even more palpable in the coming days for this is about something much bigger: Stealing a presidential election. It makes the lame sex gambit all the more despicable. The Democrat lust for power knows no limits. Lie however you must, say whatever you must to convince enough people you should stay in power. Well Donkeyface, not this time. In fact, there is an argument to be made that if the internet and alternative information sources were as well developed then as now, maybe Clinton would have been removed from office and duly punished.

The take home lesson, dear reader is “Don’t be fooled”. The Democrats tried it before, and now, plain as day, they are trying the same trick again. No, Hunter Biden’s treasonous conduct in pursuit of as much money as he could get needs to be prosecuted as the criminal behavior that it is. The Biden crime family has been in the public eye far too long for justice to not be done. Instead, their ongoing presence on the national stage simply confirms the ongoing existence of a two-tiered “justice” system. This outrage is only compounded by the laptop scandal having stolen the 2020 election. We, the American people, demand real justice. End of discussion.




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