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Approximation of Ned Lamont As Communist

Hartford style communism is by far the mildest, least offensive, flavor of communism in America.  The Connecticut Communist party, based in New Haven, constantly demonstrates the lightest, weakest form of Communism.  At the same time, when you research the variety of people associated with the Connecticut Communist Party, you can only come to one conclusion.  Wow.  The whole Democrat party of Connecticut and the Federal contingent of representatives and senators have some range of connections with the Connecticut Communist party.  Senator Blumenthal, more than once, has been called out on investments in China which violate human rights.  Then there was the embarrassing moment in December 2021 where he was caught handing out Amistad awards at a Connecticut communist fete.  Forgotten in all the hub bub was a certain Connecticut state senator Julie Kushner.  Figuratively speaking, she was in the back of the room and got a huge pass from the press.  Pathetic.

By comparison, where Senator Blumenthal has financial connections with the Chinese communists, Senator Murphy has a much more complex and long history of connections with communists in many areas of social and political activism.  Also, Governor Ned Lamont has a long socialist pedigree with his family tree.  Face it, communism in Connecticut has a long history – over 104 years to be exact.  Some would point to the Italian Communist theorist, Gramsci who developed the idea of sneaking Communism gradually into societies.

You don’t have students in streets screaming “Worker’s Revolution!”,  and you don’t teach people to sing the Internationale.  But you do publish the Worker’s Daily every so often.  The Oppressor/Oppressed model of social organization has been the main source of support for the Connecticut Communist party.  Their messaging is carefully aimed at low hanging fruit in the constant battle between Labor and Capital.  Minimum wage, women’s rights, and other issues which are not as nearly contentious as taking away your property rights or making your family subject to the state.

But you do teach Marxism to the young and gullible in a well-meaning  deceptive way to win their hearts and minds.  The Connecticut communists have done a good job of building support and communities of various types.  New Haven Rising is such a social group, complete with a website.  The Facebook page has grown from roughly 800 to some 2,500 useful idiots over the last five years or so.  The term, idiot, may seem unfair.  However, quizzing these individuals on their knowledge and understanding of Communism in all its forms will prove to be very disappointing.  Stalin? Oh, he was a good guy.  Mao?  What’s your problem?  Pol Pot?  Who’s that?

Meantime, the more fundamental discussion about political ideologies will suffer at least as much.  Communism requires a substantial amount of denial and flat out ignorance.  So, here is the twist.  Does anyone ever wonder why Communism found a more comfortable home in the Democrat Party?  The answer has taken a very long time to become evident.  It is actually very simple.  They both have an unquestioned and unquenchable lust for control over other people.  The way to power is deceit.  There is a whole field of psychology devoted to deceiving people.  The video linked here is about the subject of mass psychosis.  It is a sad commentary on the state of being “human”.  The video makes clear we ain’t so human.  The Communists have long had to use the Democrats as cover.  This video outlines how the Democrat party has been used by Communists.  Of course, Democrats don’t see it that way.

If there is one lesson readers should take from this piece it is that you can never trust a Democrat.  Not now, not ever.   Communism, however it is presented, is two things:  1) 180 degrees opposed to our nation’s founding principles, 2) Stripping you of all your rights under the guise of the state  providing you with all your needs.  In exchange, you just have to agree you are a serf and not a citizen.  That the communists have found a comfortable home in the Democrat party should tell you everything you need to know.

The mildest form of communism is, by far, the very worst. Pernicious, ignored, it infiltrates every aspect of your life.  This makes Connecticut the best model for converting America into a Marxist nation. Those who care can understand then the real fight is in this state.  Property rights, parental rights, early release of criminals, greater power for labor unions, and continued erosion of local control are some of the spicier features of imposing Communism in Connecticut.  They are on the list of legislative battles this year.   The “Democrats” in the legislature are counting on apathy and ignorance by the voters.  Let’s surprise them.




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