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Canada is heading for a violent revolution. How so? Recall that the American Revolution started with a British regiment being sent into the countryside in Massachusetts to confiscate gunpowder and weapons. Now? Now we have the Ottawa police confiscating food and fuel for the protesters. Plus, in the spirit of King George’s Intolerable Acts, people will be arrested and imprisoned for helping the protesters.

What can the government do? They either give in to the demands or enact more and more repressive measures – Just like King George III, The Canadian Tyrant certainly has other plans to shut down what must be the largest civil disobedience action in the world’s history. Does Canada plan to use full on violence to stop the protesters? Hopefully they have figured out the political costs for such a decision. What public support they have will be lost with the firing of the first bullet.

Name calling and smearing has failed utterly. They just don’t know it yet. The use of crisis actors is another lame failure. They don’t know that yet either. So, you have a government acting stupidly and using every last page of its playbook. When Does Trudeau-Castro Realize He ost?, The size of the protest movement in Canada is only growing. More people are joining the protesters. The sheer mass of the population weighing in against the Canada Tyrant will force something to break. The only question is when. When does Trudeau-Castro realize he lost? Well, for one, long after the fact, Resigning in shame he could never bring himself to do. Klaus Schwab and George Soros would not be pleased. Even though the Canada Tyrant has declared a state of emergency, will the Canadian Parliament make the moves to remove him from office?

The decision to confiscate food and fuel is one his few options and it is a big mistake. Smuggling will develop on a scale the police could never hope to stop. A concern is that this is a moment where violence can begin. Depriving people of food is a bad idea. It creates riots. The Canada Tyrant could easily create a situation of which he loses control totally.

Call it good or bad, but the announcement by the Canadian military that they will stay out of this conflict definitely narrows the options for the Canadian government. While it seems to take away from the parallel drawn with the American Revolutionary War, the fact remains that an oppressive relationship is being established between the civilian population and the governmental authorities. Maybe there would be less of a chance for violence. Still, the Canada Tyrant is getting cornered. He may do desperate things as a result. He has already demonstrated that he is young and stupid. Nerves will fray. Bad decisions will be made. Unless wiser counsel prevails, the Canada Tyrant will turn Canada into a living hell.

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