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The range of recent reports on Red China in America are very worrisome.   What successes Americans have had against Communist Chinese (ChiCom) encroachment on our country have made little or no impression on them.  We have to push harder.   A recent piece from American Greatness provides the background.  It basically reviews the continued military buildup by Red China.  They are building ships faster than us.  They are building ICBM launchers at a phenomenal rate.  They continue to upgrade and improve what equipment they have. All of this is for one purpose: Global Dominance over America.  While that goes on, they continue work at taking greater control of ever more American resources.

The latest example concerns a facility being built by the ChiComs in Illinois farmland.  While they are some 70 miles from a strategic air force base, it is still too close and they should not be there.  Yet, there they are.

TikTok ownership is another key issue.  It is the linchpin of their information warfare strategy against America.  We are such fools and suckers.  There is a bill before Congress to take ownership out of the hands of ChiComs.  There is no nice way to say it.  This issue is being handled in an incredibly stupid way.  Banning TikTok is a diversion pure and simple.  The real issue is two fold.  First, the information gathered on a daily basis, the accumulated records, are all under the physical control of the ChiComs.  Cynically, we could say that TikTok is the ChiCom’s effort to catch up with the database of information developed through Facebook and safely stored on CIA servers.  So, the growth of TikTok enables Americans to be surveilled on a mass basis by not, one, but two tyrannical governments:  America and China.  So, we have a defacto surveillance partnership of Americans between the ChiCom government and the American government.

If this seems like a hopeless situation, the reader needs to be reminded about what happened to East Germany following the dropping of the “Iron Curtain”.  Enraged East Germans invaded the Stasi (their equivalent of the CIA) and destroyed all the records used to spy on East Germans.  Don’t think it can’t happen in America.

The same can apply to the ChiCom continuing effort to infiltrate our schools, buy our farmland, and spy on us in other ways.  We can stop it.  Doing so requires a personal commitment to stay the course and we, as Americans, have to work as a team to get the job done.

There was another story of communications equipment being found on cranes in the Port of San Diego.  Yes, these cranes were made in China.  There was no reason for the communications equipment to be there.  The cranes clearly serve as an antenna for long distance communication.  This story needs to be put in the larger context of the ChiComs continued plans for, yes, world domination.  This episode underscore just how careful we have to be and how much we need to cut off all relations with the ChiComs.

While all this is going on, remember that Hollywood continues to shill, big time, for the ChiComs.  This article points out that big names in Hollywood.  They will continue to also play a role that supports the many misguided liberals.  We should not be surprised to learn that the ChiComs are supporting folks who are pushing transgenderism.  How is all that transgenderism doing in Red China?  It would be a great way to further reduce THEIR population.




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