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Rally at Yale to Fight the Vaccination Hypocrisy, Part I

By Philip C. Mead

There was a rally on the green by Yale University on Friday, December 2, 2022 to fight Yale’s vaccination policy for students. Among the speakers were Dr. Naomi Wolfe, Ms. Phoebe Liou, Dr. Aaron Nunes(?), Ms. Tracy Lindsay, Mr. John Johnson, Mr. Kevin Allan. They sent a message of outrage at the obvious hypocrisy and tone-deaf conduct of the Yale administration.

The irony of a top ivy league university continuing to pursue a vaccine mandate of such mind-boggling idiocy is a wonder to behold. In fact, it is approximately 20, out of hundreds, of institutions of higher learning which are sticking by this demand. The others have figured it out and moved on. Moreover, the inconsistency of a policy that mandates students getting vaccinated while exempting faculty and staff reveals a mindset that is blind to the rest of the world.

Another consistent message among the speakers was the sense that there is something fundamentally wrong with the Yale administration which goes beyond public safety. Something in the conduct of this administration simply does not add up. Their intransigence inspired references to the Skull and Bones Society not far from the green. The fact that the administration really does not care about the students was a point hammered very effectively by Ms. Tracy Lindsay

Ms. Phoebe Liou is the poster child for this fight because she quit UCONN, which has the same policy. She was covered in last weeks podcast. It should be noted that she gave up a lot in order to stand by her principles. In part 2 we will be covering her work in much more detail. She has formed a group which will be pushing back against these ridiculous policies.




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