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The former director of the CIA, John Brennan, also known as Tyrant Brennan, certainly put a shock to the American culture by suggesting the federal government should focus on “extremism” and “domestic terrorism”. All the relevant resources of the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice, and other federal actors would be deployed to provide heightened surveillance of the population in search of these “extremists” they talk about. The nature of his comments made clear that anyone who disagrees with Chinese Viceroy Biden would be suspect of these criminal traits.

While other Democrats, such as Rep. Scheiderman from Illinois, have joined in by proposing legislation, Tyrant Brennan has been the moving force. He needs to be denounced and soundly.First, he echoes the same Democrat lie about who caused the problems at the Capitol building on January 6, 2021. Tyrant Brennan and other Democrats keep claiming conservatives caused the violence. The facts tell a different story. Most central is the disclosure by the FBI that all but a very few of those arrested are registered Democrats. Where are the conservatives who were supposed to storm the building? Again, a small number were swept up. But video evidence shows most of us awful MAGA types were struggling to stop the window breaking and other destructive activities by people dressed in tactical gear or disguised at MAGA types.

The other piece of evidence Tyrant Brennan ignores is how the Capitol police not only moved the barricades out and invited the protestors in, but you also have at least one who led, LED!, them to the main rooms in the building. This police person stopped no less than a dozen times to check and see that they were following him. Tyrant Brennan’s inability to be honest and acknowledge who is really responsible makes clear his extreme bias.

His bias is such that he continues to spout the same falsehoods about the Russian Hoax. How can such a person be trusted? He can’t stop and realize the facts of the situation because they don’t fit his bias.The worst element of his obvious bias is his failure to define clearly what he means, and exactly who he is talking about, when he says “extremist” or “domestic terrorists”. The laundry list of stereotypical labels he spouts which includes “libertarians” shows that he is not just a tyrant, but an ignorant one as well. If he is making a clearly ignorant and wrong-headed claim, perhaps he has an ulterior motive? Well, he was a CIA director after all. Surveillance is what he knows best. Deception is what he does best. He understands what it means to throw shadows and distract people he targets.

So, his vague language is part of his deception. He wants us to be afraid. He wants us to be upset. Well, we still live in America where we supposedly have constitutionally protected rights. A cynic can rightly point out all the failings in this country, but these are still in place. It is up to us Americans to exercise our rights and push back against the vile bias of Tyrant Brennan.His bias is worse than inappropriate. If he is attempting to promote national security, he needs to look in the mirror. The political cartoon below shows yet another way in which he tortures language as well as people.


The other technique for misleading the public is gaslighting. Tyrant Brennan is clearly a master at it. Worst of all is how he is no different from people accused of seeing an enemy under every rock and behind every bush. This kind of mentally unbalanced person has no place calling for the broad based abuse of our national intelligence services. Yet this kind of unbalanced person is allowed to gaslight the American public at every turn. Where are the adults in the room to stop people like Tyrant Brennan? Where are they?If he is allowed to keep lying, keep gaslighting, keep misdirecting, keep being threateningly vague, there is going to pushback by the American public.

How much of that do you want Tyrant Brennan? The America sought by Tyrant Brennan is as ugly as him.This battle is still in the early stages, but it is reasonable to expect more voices to speak up and lay bare the truth about Tyrant Brennan.

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