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The Canada Dry Run - A model for things to come in America ?

Canada is showing the world how the death of political leadership destroys a nation. By definition, political leadership means there is conflict, debate, and compromise as the process of governing. That is gone and now you are seeing the results.

The videos from Ottawa are sickening. There are videos of them destroying stands and tents. Where is the justice? There is none. The protestors are on their own, but they are not backing down. However, they seem to be getting pushed out and worse.

There is this video of a woman trampled by horses. She was an elderly woman on a scooter for handicapped people. It was also said she is a member of the Cree tribe. Moments before she was trampled she was preaching love and unity. There are contradictory reports about whether or not she died. It is too early to tell the full impact of this event. But it cannot be unseen by the world – or by the Canadian government. Yes, it looks like there is already blood on their hands. The irony cannot be overlooked. Trudeau-Castro has constantly accused the protesters of being “white supremacists”. There, facing down the police was an indigenous Canadian. Are they really going to call her a white supremacist? Really? Trudeau-Castro has raised the stakes by seeking to destroy their livelihoods.

The Canadian government is becoming uglier and more violent against still peaceful protesters. This video shows what appears to be a policeman using the butt of a rifle to hit a downed protester. There are also reports of teargas being used against them. When do they use police dogs against them? Speaking of which, now the government is threatening to euthanize protester’s pets. Who is next after that poor woman? The clergy are speaking up more than the conservative opposition in parliament.

The Story Not Being Told

Perhaps the worst part is how the American media is ignoring these events. Worse than that though is the Canadian parliament. This is the story not being told. This video from a Canadian sends the message. It is titled SCUM. The conservative opposition in the parliament is AWOL. They could do much more. Why are they not pushing back against Trudeau-Castro? The short answer is that they have become weak. There is no real leadership with the guts or the capacity to stop the carnage in the streets. They might as well not exist. They are no better than deadwood taking up space.

As put in the video, the conservative party is not the friends of Canadians. Worse, he suggests the party has long since been infiltrated by government operatives who are not the party faithful, let along faithful to their voters. He pointed out cases where a woman was shoved around and trampled while she was preaching love and unity. Isn’t that something evil would do? Then he said there was a woman who was beat over the head with a rifle. The real perpetrators of all this are MP’s of the conservative party.

Tyrannical leadership, weak leadership, they get the same results - loss of faith in your country. Fair question. How long can this go on? Polling will only show a decline in support for the government. Yet it will go on without that public support. Doesn’t that define a dictatorship?

The argument here is that the problem is not Trudeau-Castro, it is the conservative party. There is anational crisis. They are supposed to be the loyal opposition. They can’t act on the correct moral choice. Worse, they do not even say anything about the leftist hypocrisy found in a report where British Columbia of violent environmentalists destroying pipeline and causing millions of dollars worth of damage. Neither liberals nor conservatives said anything about it. What gives?

The Canada Dry Run

While we watch highly emotional scenes from Canada, the public is really watching a dry run. Expect those events, and worse, to be replicated around the world, including America.

The key to all this? Elite Capture. It is a term coined by the Chinese Communists as they went about the business of corrupting not just American “leaders” and elites, but also around the world. Globally, the corporations are in decline, the banks are in trouble, national economies are very deep in debt. This set the stage for a preceding set of events called “economic capture”. The hollowing out of middle America, the shipping of jobs to China has been all part of that plan. Weaken the Deplorables so they are totally dependent on the government. Which brings us to this moment.

All of this is now being put to the test in Canada. Controlling bank accounts, doxing dissenters, making threats, and seeking to ruin the livelihoods of individuals. Yes, expect more of that around the world.

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