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The Culture Wars in Connecticut: A Report From Guilford

By Philip C. Mead

The many-faced effort to “transform” public education in Connecticut continues to unfold. Yet another place where this battle rages on is Guilford, CT. Below is a letter from a Guilford parent, Bill Maisano, who has found examples of particularly offensive pornography in a middle school library.

What makes this battle so egregious is the way these books have been lauded by liberals, leading one to believe they are somehow tasteful, appropriate, and other deceptive nonsense. At the same time, parents who see these books are complaining by the thousands. There is no better evidence of the huge chasm that exists between those running public education and they parents they are supposed to be serving. The education establishment attempts to normalize immoral crap with phony awards from fellow liberals who understand the lies they must tell.

Dear Patriots, My name is Bill Maisano, and I have children in the Guilford school system. We admire the courage you show every day against all odds. If you Google my name with Guilford, you will see that our groups share the same fight. We recently discovered what I and many other parents consider as pornographic materials in our middle high school libraries. I am asking for your help in spreading the word as we fight to uphold the God-given right of parents to protect the morals they have instilled in THEIR children. The books we are currently addressing are "It's Perfectly Normal," which is available to 12 year olds. "Flamer" is available to 14 year olds at the high school. Always know that you are not alone and can count on our support anytime. I apologize in advance for sharing graphic images.

God Bless, Bill Maisano

Yankee Tea News will post a link to a Facebook page so that people can access at least some of this information for themselves. You see, the senior high school limits online access to its library catalogue. Tax payer funded, and the tax payers are denied access. Should we be surprised?

Your call to action is to complain to the Guilford Board of Education. The chairwoman is one Ms. K. Balestracci ( Do your homework, get your facts straight, then let ‘em have it.




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