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The fight is not over for keeping corruption out of Greenwich, CT elections. Jackie Homan rreports below on the latest FOIA results. It is a still evolving story.

So, to you, dear reader, wherever you are, the call to action is to pressure the Greenwich RTM to reject the CTCL grant. It is the Trojan horse that is still waiting. Send it away.

Greenwich Patriots <> Tue, Feb 28 at 9:27 AM

Fred Decaro disagreed with several points in the assessment of the FOIA results we provided yesterday, making critical comments on last night’s zoom… although he didn’t deny how quickly the relationship evolved with CTCL out of thin air or the accounting of the overall timeline of the relationship. We wanted to provide you with a link to the entire FOIA result, as well as links to two other related FOIAs (number 1 and number 2) so you can review the records that were provided, if interested, and reach your own conclusions. These are Microsoft Outlook files (.pst) format, and work best on a PC. However, if you are tech savvy, you can download an app to convert the files to use on a Mac. We noticed that the conversation on last night’s zoom call with the Registrars was about the seemingly innocent side of CTCL. Sharing best practices, talking about feel-good events and conferences, looking at materials used by other registrar offices, and so forth. None of that seems controversial on the surface. And it’s not designed to be either, since that would be way too obvious. But we wonder… What happens when you follow the money once the Greenwich Registrar starts spending that $500k (if approved)? Will CTCL’s best practices include recommendations for specific brands of equipment (e.g., voting machines)? Or venders who offer "special Alliance member pricing" that’s too good to pass up? Isn’t that something “Centers of Excellence” are known for doing — passing savings onto “members” who use preferred vendors? P.S. We strongly encourage you to attend a forum on The Future of Greenwich Elections: 3rd Party Money & Influence which is taking place via zoom on March 2nd at 7pm. It will feature speakers from the Honest Elections Project and the Capital Research Center. The link for the meeting is FutureofGreenwichElections, the meeting ID is 813-3832-9664 and the passcode is “Greenwich” just in case.




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