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The Transgender Agenda - Part 2 – Freedom of Thought

In part 1 of the “Transgender Agenda” we looked at why people go along with the transgender narrative. Now we will look at why we are being deliberately and/or forcefully told to comply with things that we know make no sense?

Those behind the transgender agenda are intentionally trying to confuse you with their characterizations of gender and biological sex. Put simply, one is subjective and the other is objective.

Biological sex is easier to determine. You can identify the sex of a person by the body parts and chromosomes. Your “assigned sex” (a term used by those promoting the trans agenda) is what you were identified at when you were born. (The term “assigned” sex somehow implies that there could have been a mistake or you had no say!). On the other hand, gender is a psychological construct. If you feel that you are a woman, then that is your gender. If you feel that you are a man, then that is your gender. Sex is biological (objective) and gender is learned through socialization (subjective). We are told that gender identity may not correspond with the sex assigned at birth and gender identity is self-defined. (Where’s the science behind this?) Lately there has been pressure on all of us to accept people based on their “internal beliefs” about themselves. We have all noticed the focus on pushing this on children in recent years. This is because they are impressionable and easy to mold at young ages to accepting this is normal. So the agenda is promoted in schools, social media, and Hollywood and has become mainstream. Is it truly the case that kind and compassionate people are fighting for the children who are truly trapped in the wrong body? Or is something else going on?

In the book 1984, the main character Winston Smith writes in his journal, “Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted all else follows.” Throughout the book, Winston’s struggle is to continue to believe in things he always believed to be true. The Party (“Big Brother”) attempts to erase his history, his beliefs, and control his thoughts. In fact, they succeed in doing this much of the population. Winston knows (or thought he knew) certain things, such as two plus two equal four, are absolute and must be true. But ultimately he is forced to not only say that two plus two equal five, but to believe it as well. If the Party says two plus two equal five, then it does. If you disagree, even if you just disagree in thought, then you are punished by vaporization. Yes, there are harsh consequences for not buying in to the narrative. At least Winston struggles and in his own way attempts to fight it.

What about America in 2022? What if you are a person holding on to the belief that your “assigned sex” is your sex? What if you reject the concept that people should be able to change their sex? What if you don’t believe gender is subjective? (What about those gender reveal parties? Shouldn’t they be called “assigned sex” parties?!) But, our government is forcing us to accept that people can identify as whatever gender they like. In fact, they can use whatever bathroom they like. We are being manipulated to believe that we are not “good people” if we don’t accept this narrative that gender is subjective. There is also as a part of this an attack on masculinity in general. How does the narrative benefit if we attack that? Throughout the book 1984, this is referred to as “doublespeak”, where people are forced to accept obvious lies. We are being forced to believe it or our character is being attacked. It’s a slippery slope for sure and “Men can have babies” may as well be “Two plus two equals five.” This is an attack on our freedom, on our thoughts, and on our own judgment.

Also, the transgender agenda and feminism cannot co-exist. To make gender identity fluid and changeable is to throw away any notion of feminism. The fight for equality or any special rights for women are rendered null and void. So, while feminists are slowly waking up to these contradictions, the situation for America’s children only gets worse. You don’t think they are teaching this in China do you?

We can fight back. The question is actually, which is more kind and which is true compassion? Do we have a responsibility to correct people whose thoughts are “wrong”? Where do we draw the line? Self-mutilation or a sex change operation? Hormone blockers for pre-teens? Is it compassion or is it toxic to embrace people who don’t identify with their biological sex? Meanwhile we should question the motives and the narrative.



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