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The first flame was vague. Was it Dr. David Martin when he said he was no longer going to be a good guy? Was it when Dr. David Malone became angrier than we have ever seen him when he accused the CDC of fraud for withholding mRNA vaccine related data held in the public domain? Maybe it was when Dr. John Campbell, after reviewing the recently released FDA documents said that he could no longer trust the government. What all three gentlemen have in common is that six months ago they were each the soul of probity and sober reflection. None were radical, or angry, or accusatory. Not any more. Not...any...more.

The high standards of objectivity that each represented have been violated and violated to the core of their being. They are done. So done. It might as well be a declaration of war. Even though the phony fact checkers kept plying their lame trade, these people held their temper. So, clearly, each of the violations they see have crossed a line and there is no going back. While many people in the public drew similar conclusions over a year ago, the conversion of Drs. Martin, Malone and Campbell also means they ran out of reasons to be tolerant and middle of the road in their assessments.

We must remember the hard work of Mr. Reiner Fuelmich and his group. His work is the platform on which so much else will stand. Nuremberg 2.0 has been spit-balled with phony fact check groups, but his research and evidence still stands.

Wait, folks. Not so fast. There is more, much more. The sand castle Dr. Fauci spent 40 years building is falling into the sea. When the final verdict is rendered on Dr. Fauci, he will have been shown to have killed hundreds, if not thousands, of people. But there is another part. The emerging scandal is the “Ukraine biolabs.” While the Department of Defense has been the main party for building out the 300 plus labs over the last 20 years for the purposes of “Threat Reduction”. Carefully woven together are the ordinary needs for public health and agriculture with bioweapons research. What role Dr. Fauci has had in planning and enabling this program with the Department of Defense is an area of investigation that must be done for the sake of this country and for the world.

The main point to keep in mind is that the situation is getting worse, not better. Forced disclosures by the CDC, Pfizer, and the FDA make clear that they have deceived the world. This was not so much about bad judgement or incompetence. No, this was about their secrets, their motivations, their secret plans which had to be hidden from the public by every means possible.

The increasingly angry and strident voices of people who used to be balanced in their approach should remove any doubt about the real nature of the fight before us. Dr. David Martin did the patent analysis that shows the CDC, the NIH and others have shown special commercial interest in coronaviruses. This is a clear run up to what started in 2020. The connections between those patents and the biolab programs will need to be made explicit and obvious. To know that a number of these biolabs were also working on coronaviruses makes clear that criminal activity stealing federal resources was the driving force.

Yes, it is getting worse and the waiting fire only grows.

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