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There Goes Jim Himes, Picking His Nose in Public Again

Wow, does Himes look morose in the Fed hearing. (Dated from March 8th) Sitting in the back, he is constantly looking down with a deep scowl on his face. Jim, what is the matter? You don’t like being the minority? Your investments getting in trouble? Are you worried that federal finance may finally be fixed properly?

When he got a chance to speak he was all hand waving, face making, and arrogant jaw-boning. Dude, you gotta get a grip. Maybe you missing being in control of all the intelligence agencies spying on Americans. Be glad the people you hate are so very charitable.

Nervous, upset, picking at your nose, yes, something is wrong with you. One possibility is that you have been in office for too long. Or maybe your conscience is finally catching up with you. Don’t worry the truth about your crimes is safe with your fellow travelers.

The prediction is that the “honorable” Jim Himes will find himself under increasing pressure as the various congressional investigations move forward. You don’t stay in Congress as long as him without having a few things you might come to regret. The only question is will you get caught? I am sure you live by the old maxim of business: Getting caught is just the cost of doing business. You might pay some fines, but you will never go to jail.

Nothing ever came of the scandal where you had a lobbyist actually write and insert language in a bill. The link doesn’t spell it out, but makes Mr. Himes’s MO very clear. Wasn’t that $77,000 or something like that? It was hilarious when that activist showed up at a party and spilled all that fake money in front of you. Since none of your colleagues particularly cared, nothing happened. You just became part of the wallpaper as people forgot about yet another piece of corruption. Good work, Jim.

Of course you have all the excuses and cover you need for the Awan brothers. We never realized how much you loved the Pakistani intelligence services. Those who know better can recognize the scam. There was a phenomenal amount of investigation into the activities of the Awan brothers. There were enough questionable circumstances to merit a real investigation. Nonetheless, no problem finding another poor excuse for a hack judge to find you innocent in good old D.C. Yeah, I guess that is all water under the bridge now.

So, we fast forward to the present. Powell is still carrying in the hearing. You are still in back, making faces like a petulant child. Not one of your finer moments, but it is one of your more honest moments. The usual lame sophistry from you on the federal debt, the budget, the debt limit and other related topics will not and cannot work. $30 trillion in debt is a big number. The American economy, for now, can be expected to handle it, but it is a limit, a real limit past which bad things happen to average American; like you care.

The coming impact of this folly is coming America’s way thanks to the “honorable” Jim Himes and the other deep state parasites. You and your liberal partisan hack buddies will continue to mislead, propagandize and otherwise do everything you can to have your way and screw America.




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