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To Kill A Mockery Bird

If you want to know why there are double standards for Trump it’s because this has been about fundamentally transforming the culture of Western civilization at all costs.

A Chinese leader is believed to have once said that the only way to conquer the west was to eradicate the belief in God.

God represents absolute Truth, absolutely.

Two primary components of Cultural Marxism: 1.) There is no absolute Truth 2.) The State is Supreme

The dominant culture becomes the “norm”.

If people refuse to take their children out of the schools that generation will wreck havoc on the elderly and on their sons and daughters. It’s already beginning.

If people continue to capitulate to the “LGBTQ” movement, America will be irreparably lost. I’m of the opinion it already is. We are well under way to an entire collapse of the West and we all have front row seats.

The trans community have called for violence against Christians and it is now clear that there will be no quarter for persons of faith and there will be no justice for those seeking relief through legal means.

Marxism & Totalitarianism are quickly becoming the rule rather than the exception.

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