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Fans of transgender ideology are loud, and in your face. They interrupt your life, they interfere with your life choices. They proselytize where it doesn’t belong. They are trans-intrusive.

They pose as an aggrieved and victimized group while being aggressive, obnoxious, illogical and demanding. This plays to an American audience that has a dangerously weak soft spot for victims. It is the hallmark of being a liberal. Also, for this article, a favor is being done by taking the terms LGBQT, LGBQTI, LGBQTIA, and LGBTQIA+ and efficiently refer to it as the alt-sex movement.

Transgendering is it’s own confirmation bias. Of course others must be like me. Those who think they are not like me must be attacked for my own sake. They hate me because I am not like them. Yet, they do not realize they are really transgender inside. So, I must wake them up by being loud and demanding. The only way justice can be realized for the transgender is to get the children. By being trans-intrusive, they way overshoot their mark.

By playing the victim so effectively, they manage to garner sympathy and compassion from people, usually liberal, who do not know any better. They will believe any sob story.

Some transgendered take a more realistic view. They recognize the evils of genital mutilation of children. The argument is simple. Such decisions should not be considered until the person is at least over the age of 18. It is a reasonable policy position, yet it is roundly attacked by the alt-sex crowd.

However, there is also a fine point that needs to be included for the reader’s consideration. This fine point is best expressed in a question Arkansas state senator Matt McKee during a bill hearing to a “transgender” male. He said, “Do you still have a penis?” He, wearing earrings and a dress, was so offended and refused to answer the question. It is not hard to answer the question. Obviously, He, wearing earrings and a dress, did not want to admit he, wearing earrings and a dress, still had a penis.

The subtext was, “When you get your penis cut off, you can come back and complain to us. Until then, you are a transvestite, not a transgender.”

“Oh my God, what an insensitive thought. You clearly have no appreciation for how long and hard transitioning is.” This is just another piece of being trans-intrusive. A huge part of the assault on free speech is over defining gender. This is put in stark relief over a fight with the Oxford debating society. The Oxford philosophy Kathleen Stock is the favorite person to hate by the alt-sex crowd. They have sought to suppress her free speech because she believes there is such a thing as men and women.

So, it is time to call this crap out. Whoever is ultimately responsible, we, the American people, are the real victims of a carefully orchestrated plot to inflict mentally dysfunctional forms of sexuality on normal people. They are interfering in our lives. They are being trans-intrusive. It’s time to be normal-intrusive.

You are being used by these vile people. They know what buttons to push in the American psyche, and we are seeing the horrible results.

It is time to make abundantly clear how destructive transgendering is. There is a growing number of people who have been legitimately victimized by the transgendering industry. A much criticized NIH funded study reported that two people died and many others were injured in a group of transitioning programs. No one seems to be upset, even though they should be outraged. Moreover, the “study” has been criticized for not following standard clinical guidelines.

The media has limited the distribution of important information like this because it does not fit the liberal narrative. That a growing number of legislatures around the country are passing bills to ban these procedures for children is message that speaks for itself. The destructive demands of the trans-intrusive activists have crossed the line for the majority of Americans. There is a growing number of lawsuits coming forth by people who were basically deceived into transgenderism.

The trans-intrusives need to feel the same kind of pressure and intimidation that has been visited on normal Americans. They need to see and recognize just what harm they have caused with their “gender affirming care”. It is hard, it will take time, but it must be done in order to restore moral clarity.


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