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This article is inspired by reports from the Clark Country School District in Nevada. Seems the authorities were more concerned about hiding a video showing a high school age girl being brutally beaten into unconsciousness while staff and teachers stood around and laughed rather than dealing with the problem. Similarly, there was much ado when a distraught parent, whose daughter had been raped at schools, came to a public meeting, expressed his anger at their mishandling of her case, and end up being arrested.

An important point is that if the parent had never come to the meeting, the world would never have learned of his horrible situation. Similarly, at a public meeting for School District 17 in Connecticut (Killingworth/Haddam) not one, but two, parents complained to the board about their grotesque mishandling of separate bullying incidents. The worst went unresolved for 3 years, and as far as the parents were concerned, it was still continues. It was clear that board had a policy of coddling bullies and ignoring victims. The same was effectively true for the school board in Virginia. Nevada, Virginia, Connecticut; there are so many more. Are all these school boards following the same orders from someone? It sure seems like it.

We are seeing the same conduct over critical race theory and related issues. First the boards denied it outright. Then they qualified their denial, then insiders produced evidence of their guilt. However, content creators in these school systems continue to get away with indoctrinating the children.

Which brings us to the Greenwich Board of Education. Instead of beatings and bullying, we have the issue of mask mandates. Here we can find the same universality in their policies. OK, by backtracking just a little bit, the obvious question is if other school districts hide and downplay these horrible incidents, and deceitful practices, how about the Greenwich Board of Education.

The school superintendent, Dr. Toni Jones, was caught in a big lie over ESSR III funding. Again, she and the board have not been held accountable. No one has been punished or fired. She still expects to adhere to the cruel terms and conditions of ESSR III and get the $10 million for their excellent execution of the Nuremberg Mentality. OK, what else is the board hiding?

There is a hint to consider. It is rumored that the school administration hired a large number of “content creators”. These people would be responsible for pumping out the lesson plans for each class. These lesson plans would contain all the propaganda needed for teaching elements of critical race theory. There has been no discussion about these people. Who are they? What are their backgrounds? What are they writing exactly? No one knows. Some well thought out FOIAs are needed to bring this to light. Otherwise, the board will continue to hide the truth. That’s what school boards do best.

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