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A total of 2,063,606 adverse events and 26,059 deaths have been recorded since December 2020.

For children aged 5-17, a total of 44,975 reports of adverse events have been recorded, including 91 deaths, 386 permanently disabled children, and 1,238 cases of myocarditis. Additionally, 4,620 children visited the ER, 3,310 were hospitalized, and 551 had life-threatening conditions. Also troubling, around 17% of children who experienced adverse events have not yet recovered.

We decided to take a closer look at the 451 adverse event reports for Connecticut children aged 5-17.

Right off the bat, we noticed a lot of reports for seizures, especially in girls.

One report is for a 16-year-old girl who had stabbing chest pain, along with at least 8 seizures since vaccination; one of the seizures was described as "unrecovered." A 12-year-old girl experienced a seizure just three minutes after the shot, and started to convulse. While a 17-year-old girl experienced multiple seizures, and still experiences them since her second dose. A 16-year-old boy experienced a seizure 10 days after vaccination, and a 13-year-old girl had a seizure 16 days after vaccination.

There are two different reports of boys, one 11 years old and one 16 years old, who experienced hair loss that led to bald spots. The 16-year-old is now completely bald and losing his eyebrows and eyelashes. Can you imagine what that must be like for a high school boy?

Several frightening reports of temporary blindness were recorded, including a 13-year-old girl, a 14-year-old girl and a 16-year-old girl. One unusual report detailed a 12-year-old girl left foaming at the mouth.

Other adverse events included heavy menstrual bleeding, Gullain-Barre Syndrome, lymphadenopathy, vertigo, and, um, a certain "failure” as described by a 15-year-old boy. Then there are the cases of myocarditis and tachycardia… though the CDC would like you to believe that it’s normal for children to have heart problems. It’s definitely not normal! We saw dozens of reports for fever, chills, vomiting, headaches, fainting (and issues related to fainting, like contusions and concussions) and other “normal” side effects, such as rashes, hives, purpura and ecchymosis (black and blue blotches). Some of these rashes are quite serious, and cover large portions of the body. One poor 14-year-old girl even developed genital ulcers.

Frequent reports of incorrect administration, incorrect dosage, incorrect product storage, and incorrect age at administration were also made. You’d think vaccinators would be especially cautious with children, but mistakes abound.

For the most part, these children were completely healthy prior to vaccination, and did not have family history of the kinds of adverse events that now plague them.

It’s just mind-boggling that the FDA has not pulled Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for covid “vaccines” in light of this horrific track record.

BTW - Did you know that vaccine recalls or withdrawals are almost always initiated voluntarily by the vaccine manufacturer? Do you think Big Pharma is willing to pull these blockbuster money-makers off the market? Pfizer earned $36.7 billion from covid vaccines last year, and is forecasting $54 billion this year from covid vaccines and treatments for 2022 — that’s about half of total revenue, which is expected to top $100 billion, from covid.

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