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The Chinese Leviathan oozing in our direction continues to be ignored by Faux-President Biden. Their preparations for war are many and obvious. The recent threats delivered to incompetent Defense Secretary Austin Clark may seem like so much saber-rattling. The problem is that you can confuse that noise with the noise of building weapons.

These communist minions are the captured elites, the loyal Marxists who work in the federal government, and the shadow administration of Faux-President Biden. They hide themselves with clever propaganda, misdirection, and carefully crafted gaslighting. It seems to be working.

So, how does one get from that to planning the death of millions of Americans? That’s easy. Make the wrong plans. That the communist minion “planners” have had a little help from their Chinese handlers is just a small point not worth paying attention to by those responsible for our nation’s security. They are compromised too. Being able to call themselves “American citizens” is just a convenient fiction.

For the June 11, 2022 show, Steve Bannon interviewed Erik Prince, former co-founder of Blackwater, which is the private security firm run by ex-military types. They were discussing the ways in which China continues to build up its forces, act more bellicose towards Taiwan and the U.S., push their economic initiatives encircling our nation and otherwise present an ever more threatening face to the world while deceptively appearing benign. This is a drum Steve Bannon has been beating over and over again. Even as he makes these points repeatedly, we can see that those most responsible for our national security are paying the least attention.

Perhaps the worst is how the American military culture is being seriously degraded into something losing the kind of fighting spirit remembered from previous wars. The well-worn criticism is well understood. Social engineering destroys combat readiness. Mr. Prince noted that the frame of mind for a combat ready group requires constant attention to fighting. There are no breaks. Apply that thinking to what we see today, and we have plenty of reason to expect future losses in battle.

This kind of sloppiness and disregard translates into a lack of readiness even in the “homeland”. To date, some 1.3 million illegals have crossed the southern border. But that is the least of it. Dear reader, follow closely the theme of elite capture. That means the capture of big tech executives, top federal bureaucrats as well as state officials. This nation is in big trouble unless severe steps are taken to identify and remove those who are effectively owned by the Chinese Communists.

As Steve Bannon would say, when the balloon goes up, who will respond? In other words, when all the people in our corporations and government who secretly work for the Chinese Communists get the message to act against our country in a time of war, what will happen? It is such an important question, there should be some war game simulations that take that into consideration. Let’s just say, sabotage comes in many forms.

The further allegation of this article is that these people could have a hand in killing millions of “their own” Americans by ways still unknown. All thanks to the feckless treason of Faux-President Biden and his shadow government of bureaucrats hell-bent on destroying America.

It is up to you, dear reader, to wake up and step up to the plate in the battle to call out these people who have no problem ruining your lives because you are an American.



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