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The incredible videos, the public support through the towns, and along the roadsides leave one in a state of awe. The people waving flags and holding signs are unprecedented. The cars parked along the roadside with their lights on throw an inspiring light on this phenomenal convoy of an estimated 50,000 trucks. Some doubt those numbers. 500? Somebody lost count. They started in British Columbia, and as they have moved more trucks and cars have joined them. There are also reports of protesters coming from the east towards Ottawa as well.

Though this is a serious mission, there is a certain festive atmosphere one can detect in the videos. The cheers, the applause express just how fed up with the stupid incompetence of the Canadian government’s handling of the “pandemic” the people have become. This is Canada’s Woodstock moment. Where the original Woodstock was centered on a farm in New York State, the Canadian Woodstock is moving from one end of the nation to another. Just to do the math. If one assumes an average of 40 feet for each truck, then 50,000 trucks equals 2 million feet. That equals almost 380 miles of convoy. When has there ever been anything like this?

The ignorant and self-serving propaganda from Canadian Prime Minister Fidel Trudeau about this being a fringe movement is the kind of lame nonsense that defines him. No sooner did he make his ridiculous claim than he claimed to have come down with Covid and had to sequester himself for the next five days. At least Canadians have a pretty good idea where he can be found.

This “fringe” movement is inspiring an outpouring of patriotism throughout the nation of Canada. You see it as they pass through the towns. You hear it as they sing the national anthem. Even though the main part of the convoy is several days away, others are already arriving in Ottawa in such numbers that the police are warning that traffic management, parking, and other logistics are going to be a problem. The current population of Ottawa is estimated to be around 1 million people. When all the people arrive, that could increase the population by at least 10%. That is a lot of angry people wandering around.

The hardest part to imagine is that Fidel Trudeau would end up ignoring these people or rejecting their appeals. What would happen after that? Riots? Revolution? Who knows? But it stands to reason that the status quo will not stand under this kind of political pressure. The type of advice he may be getting from his inner circle could produce a disaster that quickly spins out of control. Worse, he will never take responsibility for any of this.

It is a historic moment for Canada. The prime minister will have to figure out how he will be remembered. The moment will be upon him, and quickly. He must decide.


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