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David Rafferty: Open Letter To A Lame Critic Extraordinaire

Ad hominem David Rafferty ? Oh we can do that too. David Rafferty writes with all the skill of a silly superficial sophist and a monkey who needs a diaper change. Since Mr. Rafferty has allowed his mental acuity to be dulled by the corporate media, we can give him a simple and common title: Lame Critic.

This Lame Critic mocks our patriotism. Really? Carl Higbie is an ex-Navy Seal. Perhaps the Lame Critic would like to spit on his patriotism? We will gladly film it to so the world can witness it. Many others who are a part of the Greenwich Patriots have served in the military. He describes us as weak and somehow not “all in.” There is one thing about which the Lame Critic is ignorant: Restraint. Yes, violence is a bad thing. You only use it when you absolutely must. The Lame Critic is also ignorant of the many years that preceded the American Revolution. There were tons of debate. Even the Second Continental Congress was in a state of dithering and indecision until Thomas Paine wrote “Common Sense” and the rest is history.

On the issue of identities, anonymity and such Mr. Rafferty is also ignorant of the pen names used by Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton and many others. It was a standard practice then, and it is one today. Politics was every bit as sneaky and underhanded then as now. Pen names served other purposes. “George Sand” was one such pen name for a woman who knew she could not otherwise get her works published in a man-dominated world. Will the Lame Critic trash her for using a pen name? Of course not, On with dissecting his inane comments.

Besides the responses below, Yankee Tea News will be posting a more detailed analysis. There are several broad categories to consider: Facts, issues, and accounts. Readers are directed to a special page under development at Yankee Tea News where this information is being compiled. We expect the roll out to be on October 14th.

Some of the facts cited here are primarily from the CDC, as well as the FDA, and Anti-Christ Fauci. The Lame Critic would presumably have respect for the CDC and the supposed authorities who command respect for his ilk. Other facts involve international developments which support our criticism of the vaccines and their mandates. The issues form a much tougher collection of information. It is as much about history as public statements and other sources. The accounts speak for themselves.

As the number of whistleblowers piles up, as the number of anecdotes of suffering and death from these vaccines grows.“…Seemingly have all the answers because they watch Fox News and do their own “research”. If ratings are any indication, better Fox News than the pathetic tripe from CNN or MSNBC and the rest of the endlessly sycophantic corporate (yellow) media.

As for our own “research”. We're quite confident you would flunk even the simplest quiz on comments made by Fauci, on the technical debates over the PCR tests, on ANY of the research relating to the disclosures concerning the Wuhan lab. Reseacrch is a quest for truth. Not YOUR version of it. We spot the inconsistencies, we debate the vague and uncertain parts of different arguments. We work at developing a logical and coherent narrative based on what facts can be found. So, in a phrase Lafferty, "you are full of crap.“

"…Some guy on YouTube in a lab coat who validates their cherished beliefs.”

Dr. Robert Malone is a co-inventor of the mRNA technology used in the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. He has had an epiphany about the mistakes these companies have made and has turned against his own invention. He has helped to lead the creation of the Rome Declaration. You might want to look it up, Lame Critic. He is most definitely not “some guy…in a lab coat”.

Also, there is something particularly flaccid on your part to denigrate people in lab coats. As a scientist, I can tell you that you have zero appreciation for the dedication, sacrifice and hard work that goes into wearing that lab coat. Moreover, many of the critics of these vaccines have more board certifications degrees, contributions to research, awards, books, papers published than you appear to be aware of.

You also failed to add that a number of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were hunted down by the British and killed. Lying by omission now are we ?

“You can’t be one (a patriot), unless you are all in.” - Are you attempting to incite violence Mr. Rafferty ? . – The parents who announced their names at the Greenwich Bored of Education certainly did speak up and identify themselves. Now, your ilk want to go police state on mothers who speak their mind? Who's whining now eh? Lol. Apparently you can’t tell the difference between respecting the law, and protest. What are you going to say if someone goes after you? Are we “all in” then? Is that what you want? Please.

“Whining about wearing masks and scaring people about getting vaccinated.” – It is not whining when you are using testing equipment to demonstrate the decline in oxygen and the increase in retained carbon dioxide levels. That’s a health issue – a public health issue. Also, the recent article in the Hartford Courant about the dramatic rise in children being referred for mental/emotional/behavioral issues is not about whining or scaring people. It is a real and serious problem you want to pretend doesn’t exist. Obviously, Lame Critic, you are either not a parent, or just a real shitty one.

Scaring people? The VAERS data is quite clear. By their accounting, which is clearly underreported (read all about it in the October 14th rollout), nearly 16,000 have died. You can point to the hundreds of millions of doses administered. Then all you are doing is cheapening the deaths of all those people. Then it is a much larger number of those who will have life long injuries from the vaccines. Would you care to take a crap on them too Mr. Rafferty? We do have a Vaccine Court in this country. Which, by the way, to date, has already ordered over $4 billion in damages to be paid to victims of vaccines. Vaccines are NOT safe. “leave me alone…” ? Wow.

People’s lives are being ruined by these vaccine mandates – pointlessly, needlessly, and with lots of ignorant prejudice by the powers that be. Lawsuits are increasing. As American Patriots, we still believe in the American system of government, of which you clearly know little about given your confused sophistry. As I put it to a friend of mine, yours is an example of clever stupidity. As corrupt and bereft so much of the system is, there is still some remaining part on which we focus and seek to rebuild in order to restore the American values your cadre of inept self flagellating brethren seek to destroy. I think I was Bob Dylan who had a song with a line, or a title, “Build on What Remains”. That may make no sense to you, but it makes a whole lot sense to us patriots.

“Critical Race Theory” – Just what would you say to Greenwich High School students having seemingly intelligent discussions about critical race theory. It happened to me. The best part was the way they handled the part about Opressor/Opressed. Their body language said it all. The nervous facial expressions, the hesitation, the looking around for a route of escape. Yeah. Highly advanced. Laughable really.

Saving the Best for Last

There is one phrase that really frames this whole discussion where Lame Critic said “two things that would help their entire community.” The fun part is that Rafferty lays it out as an empty assertion which should be accepted at face value. Ever hear of critical thinking? Since your hit piece is riddled with more false hoods, fallacies and historical inaccuracies. , we can’t expect you to understand much. Trying to shame your fellow man or question the sincerity of our patriotism will not work. The ultimate expression of your inept sophomoric drivel is the reliance on a typical liberal shibboleth. We already see the world through the eyes of all the genders, races and classes of people who lived through our history. Your epitaph should read; Here lies David Rafferty: Jingoistic loser and coward extraordinaire who didn't know much about American History... save a few names.

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