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Oh To Be Human

To Vaccinate Or Not Vaccinate?… is none of anyone’s goddamn business. Period.

You take drugs or medications to alleviate your suffering and don’t read the labels or research all the accompanied symptoms or consequences of said products THAT'S ON YOU.

Are you a woman that likes sex but doesn’t wish to live with the consequences of child baring, rearing ? Then you accept the risks and consequences of that choice emotional or other wise.

Are you a man that likes sex but isn’t willing to accept the risks or responsibilities of bringing children into the world? What if that child becomes a mass murderer, a serial killer, a communist, a tyrant, or a healer, a brilliant scientist, a philanthropist, or a protege musician ? You see children, moreover, unwanted children not always but often become the products of their environments, good, bad or indifferent.

All of the risk for doing ANYTHING in this world is a consequence of being alive including breathing coupled with YOUR choices. That is also a consequence of being human. Perhaps you do not like others or what choices they make, but damn skippy you’re probably someone who is first to point out to others your moral superiority based on information someone else has penned for you. So much for being able to think for yourself eh?

Maybe you enjoy "base" jumping, or riding motorbikes, or hell, maybe you’re one of these “brilliant” financial genius’s that doesn’t give a hoo-ha about sending the economy into the toilet as long as you can park that Mclaren P1, Bentley or an 812 Superfast in your “man cave” or botox your way to the next gala event so you can be lauded by all of your “friends” about how “wonderful” you are. Vanity of vanities.

If being alive and being human puts other humans at “risk” but you believe your humanity and moral choices supersede someone else's (in this case based on innocuous virus metrics that can be manipulated to reach a desired outcome) then we have a serious problem. A problem from which clearly history has not taught anyone a goddamn thing.

You want to mitigate risk of death? Highly problematic. But you can start by shutting down a large cross-section of medical facilities and drug companies because the 3rd leading cause of death (according to Harvard) in the United States is medical malpractice.

Full of crap eh? 250K (or more) preventable deaths annually not enough to get your juices flowing ? Then why don't you take up your grievances with Harvard as they're the ones that compiled the data. Some of you are fools that lack the humility to admit it and that is mostly what is wrong in the world.

Everyone is going to die. Date and method of departure is unknown .... and also none of anyones goddamned business.

P.S. While Politicians especially one like Gov. Ned Lamont, Harry Arora, Jim Himes, and plethora of other shills in the world of finance that enjoy brandishing data and metrics and shoving them down your throat; data that cannot be corroborated and propagated by agencies and or companies that cannot be held responsible for injury or death and the politicians are unwilling to accept FULL responsibility for your health then they are clearly no longer "REPRESENTING" you..... And that IS your goddamned business.

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