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Greenwich Republican Town Committee (GRTC) member, Skip Parker, one of the “survivors” is already savaging the majority in the GRTC. His op-ed piece of January 27th in the Greenwich Free Press is a perfect display of the ineptitude and mediocrity dragging down the GRTC. He sees nothing, and knows less.

Once again, the Greenwich Free Press shows it has low editorial standards for op-ed pieces. It’s true, op-ed’s and logical writing have nothing to do with each other. It should be noted that if Mr. Parker had ANYTHING of value to contribute, would acknowledge it. Instead, he may be on the GRTC, but he sure writes like a Democrat.

First false dichotomy: He claims to be about “fiscal prudence and small government”. He claims these fundamental principles of good governance define “true Republicans” and “traditional Republicans.”. BS, Mr. Parker, pure, predictable BS. Outside of Greenwich, the Republican record of fiscal prudence is very weak; especially in Congress. The new members take these principles far more seriously than your ilk. Instead, when you claim to be a “true Republican”, the truth is you are just deadwood holding back the party.

The notion that the new members you so despise are any less committed to those principles that you espouse is Exhibit A establishing your ignorance. You haven’t even bothered to ask. You just assume. And boy are you wrong.

Second false dichotomy: Unspoken is the suggestion that you are somehow guardians of the U.S. Constitution. There is another sick joke. Someday, maybe, you will realize just how wrong headed you are. Before then, do the party a favor. Quit. They don’t need you. An op-ed like this does more harm than good for ALL Republicans.

The reader gets to be further entertained by two more astonishingly uninformed diatribes. Do you read anything, Mr. Parker? The subject of vaccination is far more nuanced and complex than your idiotic passage, which is not worth repeating here. The same goes for your comment about the fraud committed in 2020 election. Instead, you are obviously biased and impervious to facts. You would be that particular breed called the Chamber of Commerce Republican. It’s a weird combination. You pretend to be in politics, care only about money, and have no grasp of political ideology to the extent that you write like a Democrat. It is mind boggling and it why you not only need to quit, but change parties too.

Two thirds of the GRTC is not a fringe element. Instead, your perspective is tainted by living in Greenwich, which contains toxic levels of Never Trumpers who are SO ANGRY because their investments in China didn’t work out. You sound like one of them.

Mr. Parker used the adjectives “true” and “traditional” to describe Republicans. You can have them Mr. Parker. The new members of the GRTC own the other adjective: Real Republicans. People like you have talked about being a “big tent” party. Talk is cheap. More Democrats and unaffiliateds have lined up with your “extreme right wing fringe” than you will ever appreciate. You, sir, live in a tiny and shrinking bubble of partisanship increasingly out of touch with the rest of America. Hell, after all, you do live in Greenwich.

Conveniently, the big topic you left out was education. You fail to acknowledge that Dr. Toni Jones is the reason you now have so many newly minted colleagues you despise. If anything in Greenwich needs fixing, it is public education. The scores have declined for the last 4 years, and we can expect the same for year 5 and 6. The mask mandates only serve as a red flag for a host of other issues degrading public education in alarming ways. But you only care about money, and give lipservice to “governance”. You have amply demonstrated your blindness and ignorance about critical issues affecting this town now. Yes, Mr. Parker, quit. The town will be a better place for it.



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