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A heart wrenching video by a Canadian nurse proves that the camera is a gun. She fired emotional bullets at a CBC camera crew explaining how they were lying about the protests in Canada. They were doing everything they could to put the protesters in the worst possible light. She was PISSED! She got all over their case about the innocent people they were hurting by such slanted partisanship.

Nurse Kristen Nagle is an outspoken opponent of the government and the mandates. She was at the January 6th protests in Washington, D.C. She violated the restrictions in Canada and engaging in what the government call non-essential travel. She spoke at the Global Frontline Nurses Summit there. She has been in trouble since then. As one listens to her, it is clear that she is a strong and devoted woman.

It was astonishing how they ignored her. The people who used her, exploited her, for their “journalism”, now they were ignoring her. One was bending over while holding his microphone and not recognizing her presence at all. Another one was fiddling around his camera, basically hiding from her. One person with a French accent, and holding a backpack, took the time to listen to her. Unfortunately, that gentleman discovered that everything wrong with journalism was exemplified by the fact that he was still an employee of the CBC. She reminded them of the people who have suffered because of their one-sided reporting.

In a display of heartless, the crew member suggested that all these people out of work should avail themselves of welfare services. It is easy to forget, especially if you don’t care, that all these problems go away when Trudeau-Castro drops the mandates. That one person should have such power over a nation is wrong beyond measure.

He was the only one in the crew who tried to sound sympathetic. But she was having none of it. When one of the reporters said he had no power over his reporting, she pointed out that if he had a heart, if he had any morals, any sense of principle, he would quit and find another job. Until then, he was complicit and continuing to cause harm. She had a point. She said “Shame on you sad pathetic people.”

She reminded him about young children who were so upset over wearing masks, that they started to harm themselves. She told them how happy the children were happy, running around, free from masks and enjoying being together. This is how it is supposed to be. Children were putting hearts and thank you notes on the trucks to show their appreciation.

Do you know how important this is for Canadians? Why don’t you report the truth? It is just money to you. You have to sleep at night.

The Camera is a Gun? You Betch’ya

The camera is a gun? It is why the first and second amendments are right next to each other. Nurse Nagle made clear how a camera is a way of firing back at people and corporations that have ruined their lives. There needs to be more of it. Without that video the public would have no real idea over how a big news corporation and lackey journalists ruined Nurse Nagle’s life. So, some small measure of justice was done.

More importantly, her use of that camera made clear how biased the Canadian Broadcasting Company is. This is what is happening in America on a smaller scale. And she exposed it. Good for her.

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