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Glenn Beck recently took an old saying and gave it a twist. Is the anti-liberty left evil or stupid? Normally, the Democrats are called the party of evil and the Republicans are called the party of stupid. THEY continue to live up to those labels in full measure. However, it is this particular strain of “liberalism”, anti-liberty far left, that inspire Glenn Beck’s question.

The anti-liberty far-left has taken on unique political characteristics in America. They have clear connections to their counterparts in Europe dating back to the 1930s.

D. Parker of the NOQ Report decided to taken an even closer look at the question. He starts by pointing out that stupidity and insanity both have trouble accepting and believing new ideas. This would be a corollary for a related problem with socialism. This ideology believes it has all the answers and that there is nothing more to learn. This is evidenced by the poor record of innovation seen in socialist and communist nations.

Repress the Individual

These nations are characterized by repression of the individual, suppression of information that harms the public image of the leaders. Moreover, however bad the arrogance is of the ruling class in otherwise democratic nations, it is far worse in socialist and communist nations. What they share in common is an inability to question their frame of mind and how they make their decisions.

So, over time, such nations are characterized by their failure to make true progress. It is a demonstration of their inability to learn and incorporate new things: New technologies, new fashions, new architectures, and new ideas. The exceptions can be discussed later. They are not what they appear. Instead, it is suggested here that there must be both necessary and sufficient pre-conditions in order for evil to flourish. D. Parker is arguing that we are living through a time where evil is accreting ever more economic and political power at an accelerating rate, especially in America, and in Europe; with a big assist from Communist China. The “pandemic” has served as a catalyst for this growing evil.

Take Everything

The governmental expression of evil is found in the belief in absolute control over the lives of citizens and subjects. Take your guns, take your rights, take your money, take your religion; do whatever it takes to reduce you to something where the work of evil is made much easier.

These observations help establish the foundation for the logic of evil. Put simply, evil refuses to listen. A perfect example was a real world encounter with a deranged college student. If a college student encounters you on the street and keeps shouting in your face that you are a racist, he has decided not to listen. Moreover, he sees no reason to listen you because he has decided you are evil. The mirror image is perfect and free of distortion.

At that point, such a state of mind, fixated on evil, has closed all the doors and shut down all forms of communication. Such a college student has entered his own virtual reality devoid of anything else in the environment. This trap covers more than someone being angry at someone else. This trap includes those holding onto beliefs that have little to do with reality, even if they are derived from it.

The ”Collectivist Oligarchs”

Besides being deaf to others and convinced of one’s own beliefs with no humility, the last component of evil is a thorough hatred for other people. Meet the “collectivist oligarchs, as Mr. Parker describes them. The hatred that drives evil only works if you refuse to listen. Consider that the major corporations which have also become “worke” believe they are so powerful, they can ignore their customers and don’t have to listen. It is the hatred that has defined groups like antifa and BLM, and now it defines AT&T, Comcast, Disney, Nike, Coca Cola, Pfizer, Moderna, and many others. That their grasp of politics is all screwed up is another discussion. It is what they believe that motivates their evil and nothing more.

Here is a final point. The author’s name is forgotten unfortunately, but in a piece several years ago in the New York Times, he recounted his trip to the death camps in Germany and Poland. As he walked through the museums, he was hit by a fundamental reality. For these death camps to function at all, they needed a BUREACRACY; i.e., a government agency organized, and funded to do the planning and execution of such a project. America is confronted with a serious problem, and the public needs to wake up and fight back.

The title of this article is also the title of a book, Logic of Evil by William Brustein. The author seeks to demonstrate that by examining the records of Nazi party members as they joined through the 1930s, it was clear that they were responding to promises of prosperity. Promises quite similar to all the “free stuff” promoted today by progressives. So, his logic of evil starts with a prosaic observation, though still troubling. People can be persuaded to do evil if you promise them enough things.

This article looks at the logic of evil more with respect to the attending psychology. Just as D. Parker was pointing out the brazen stupidity of the anti-liberty far left, so also with the example of the screaming college student: Evil can latch on to an idea and lose all sense of reality in the process.

Once lost, a series of very bad things happen. But they are self-inflicted. Our fellow man loses all sense of perspective when this brand of stupid takes over his mind. Those who still have their sanity, it should be clear that you are needed to stop the evil that is encroaching on our country. Steve Bannon noted that it is a daily task which we have to ‘grind out’ consistently if good is to return to our nation.

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