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When school opens, opt out.

Many parents have expressed concern over the information that is being collected about their children through surveys in school, rightly questioning how that information is being used and by whom. The good news is that you can opt your children out of taking all surveys at school. All you need to do is submit a letter to your principal. The Family Institute of Connecticut developed an Opt Out Form that has been successfully used by many parents across the state. The sample text is provided below. While the Family Institute recommends certified mail, we have successfully submitted the form via email and received confirmation from the district that the Opt Out will be honored. If you are curious in learning more about why opting out of school data mining could be one of the best things you could do for your child, the Family Institute offers weekly conference calls on Thursdays at 8pm and on Sundays at 5pm from now through September 22 (last Thursday) and September 25 (last Sunday). * * * * * Dear [PRINCIPAL], I, ____ , as parent and/or legal guardian of____ , a minor child, hereby exercise my right under the U.S. Constitution and laws of the State of Connecticut, to direct the upbringing and education of my minor child as follows. I DO NOT CONSENT to my child’s participation in any opinion survey, personal analysis, evaluation, questionnaire or any other form of data collection that reveals or attempts to reveal or affect, or references or relates in any way to my child’s attitudes, habits, traits, opinions, beliefs, customs or feelings concerning curriculum, political affiliations, religious beliefs or practices; mental or psychological conditions; sexual behavior or attitudes; sexual activity or conduct, sexual orientation; gender identity; or illegal, antisocial, self-incriminating or demeaning behavior. For the avoidance of any doubt, my child is NOT allowed or permitted to partake in any survey, even anonymous surveys, including curriculum centric and/or opinion in nature, without explicit parental written consent. Sincerely, xxx ________________



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