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Who is Alexis Gavanter?

(Corrections and additions added) - Senior Editor, Hank Morgan.

Alexis Gavanter is a product of the failed political career of Alex Kasser. Kasser’s misdeeds set the stage for her resignation and for Ms. Gavanter’s run to become the next state senator from the 36th district in the upcoming special election. This district covers Greenwich, along with parts of Stamford and New Canaan.Ms. Gavanter is the Democrat nominee in the special election to be held on August 17, 2021. She is running against the Republican candidate, Ryan Fazio and John Blankley, a Democrat who is running as an Independent candidate.

Little is known about Gavanter. She states in a Greenwich Free Press article Published June 24, 2021 that “We’ve made so much progress in Connecticut these past few years restoring our state to better fiscal health, creating jobs, bringing businesses back to the state”. Ms. Gavanter does not know which state she’s actually running in. Her talking points are complete hogwash. Hundreds of businesses have closed permanently as a consequence of Governor Lamont’s draconian lockdowns. Worse yet, many that have re-opened cannot find people to work because the Government and the State has succeeded in turning many into welfare state couch potatoes.

What we do know is that she’s a pretty face with no original ideas. She appears to be another one of these “do it all and have it all” cliche’s of Fairfield county of the same formulaic failed democrat policies, “Safety”, “Gun Control”, and low on the list of her priorities is “Prosperity”. In a recent “friendly” get together in a local podcast hosted by Greenwich resident Joe Kelly on which Fazio and Gavanter appeared we learned that she smiles a lot and beyond that nothing really. It was a tad awkward to watch to be honest.

Things about her background. She worked as a legislative aid in the congressional office of former U.S. Representative Steven Rothman, D-NJ. She is a member of Mother’s Against Gun Violence. She has called for “debt free community college.” And she favors eliminating the Social Security tax and for the full and final repeal of the estate tax in Connecticut. However, the most surprising is the novel label she gave herself. She calls herself a “Ned Lamont Democrat.” Her words: She wants to be a “partner” to the governor in Hartford. Sounds nice, but it is the typical display of ignorance about why our government is organized the way it is. Legislators are not supposed to be “partners”. By definition it is an adversarial process where one may form alliances and such for certain issues. But at the end of the day it is about advocacy and compromise. If you are suggesting being a partner in government, you are clearly not someone to be trusted by anyone.

She has wasted no time getting cozy with some of the most despised politicians with (questionable) character in the area and in the state, Mayor Luke Bronin, Richard Blumethal and Ned Lamont for openers. It would appear Ms. Gavanter has not properly vetted those with whom she is keeping company with or maybe she does and doesn’t care as it is a means to a political end. Any conscientious or reasonable person would want to distance themselves from the contentious and divisive likes of former State Senator Kasser. Those optics alone look bad. However, if you’re aligned with the political left, morals, character and integrity are apparently not redeeming qualities. The fact that she accepted the tap on the shoulder from Kasser suggests that Ms. Gavanter is more concerned with her status in the party than she is with her would-be constituents at face value.

Gavanter seems to think she is better off with the full support of the political machine and the shall we say (sleazy) operatives that run it. However, she also seems to remain aloof to the growing disgust of voters who have seen this game played one too many times.

What we will call Gavanter’s blind belief in the destructive democrat policies based on what we have learned so far may be a form of red meat for her base. But it is meat that is also becoming rancid, old and tough to chew. Does she forget that Hartford was pulled out of near bankruptcy with a $500 million loan by the state of Connecticut? That buys you some time and helps to create the false impression that the future looks good. Job growth before Covid-19 was virtually non-existent. The amount of taxes collected in Greenwich covers approximately all the budget expenditures of Bridgeport and Hartford COMBINED and those cities are among the most crime ridden in the state. She also claims to be advocating for lower taxes in Connecticut. One must remember that a politician is like a burlesque dancer; they make you believe they really like you. Realtors in Stamford, one of the state’s more prosperous cities, were reporting that property values had only grown around 1% over the last 20 years.

The policies Gavanter appears to be advocating for are "public health and safety, " ones that have continually laid waste to cities like Hartford, Bridgeport, Derby, Shelton, New Haven etc. When elected officials seek to define what constitutes "public health" it can only go downhill form there. Yet Gavanter seems to be under the impression that Lamont is "doing such a great job"?

Hartford, Bridgeport, Derby, Shelton, New Haven and other cities are case studies in persistent urban failure. Yet Gavanter seems to be under the impression that Lamont is “doing such a great job”? Clearly she’s never driven through any of these cities or perhaps she has but wasn’t paying attention, which makes one wonder when is the last time any of these politicians went to a correctional facility or any of the inner city areas? Based on what we’ve seen and heard so far it looks like Gavanter is the Democrats attempt to put “lipstick on a pig” or “make a silk purse out of a sows ear”. Gavanter is being groomed for the status quo and many residents of Greenwich have had enough of said status.

At face value Gavanter is the Democrats attempt to put "lipstick on a pig" or "make a silk purse out of a sows ear". Gavanter is being prepared to continue the status quo and many residents of Greenwich have had enough of said status.

The (other) elephant in the room is the current chasm in the Democrat party in Greenwich. Democrat John Blankley who is nary a blip on anyones radar was handed his hat by the local Democrat caucus in favor of Gavanter remanding him to run as an independent . It would appear that Blakey was political "dead wood" and the safe bet was to put a fresh face on their "team".

Will Blankly's run as an Independent put a damper on Gavanters prospects ? The only way Blankley could be the fly in the ointment for Gavatner is if he flanks her on some of the issues and perhaps finds a chink in the armor. Suffice to say this race looks like it's going to be Fazio vs Gavanter. Fazio should be the favorite. He's very enthusiastic and he actually listens to people and their concerns.

Another caveat to this is the drama of the BLM activists in Greenwich who have been actively destroying and vandalizing signs and property targeting those in the community who are conservative and or freedom loving citizens. Few imagined that politics could reach this level of toxicity in the bucolic community of Greenwich and its all coming from the side Gavantor is positioning to defend. Just last year a man putting a Trump Flag up on one of the overpasses in Riverside was accosted with a knife it was suggested he was also assaulted. Ned Lamont and Jim Himes who are known to the area have been virtually silent on all BLM activities in the area.

Neither Gavatner nor Fazio have ever brought up the subject of Freedom, the United States Constitution or given their would-be voters a history lesson to juxtapose against their ideas. Gavanter's party has been busy re-writing U.S. history teaching people and children to hate this country and it's history. Politics these days has been more about "number crunching" and contentious issues rather then seeking to resolve problems while preserving the liberties people have died to defend. The people we've spoken to in Greenwich are extremely frustrated and angry over the direction the State is taking which appears to be competing with California to get to the bottom. Politicians need to be reminded that it is the people that have the power, not the other way around.

How Gavanter proposes to bring prosperity to Connecticut is a mystery. She stated in Her background is in law. Character, integrity, honesty and trustworthiness are integral to a safe, sound and yes, even a prosperous society. And yes we are judged by the company we keep. The company, more over, the political party and the people Gavanter has aligned herself with appear to be in direct conflict with her message. In some respects she has put the cart before the horse which perhaps says all you need know about her. It has been stated that the U.S. Constitution was written for a moral and a religious people. Those inclined to self government do not need more laws. Perhaps what they really need is to hear the truth. The problem facing Connecticut and America today is few seem to know what that is any longer.



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